Fury of the Northmen (Kickstarter)

Hello everyone.

I’m here to introduce you to Fury of the Northmen, a meticulously well-researched RPG set in the 9th century and focusing on Viking magic. I am not the author of this game, though Jess is an old friend. Rather, I am here because FotN is wonderful source material for Ars Magica players and storytellers.

FotN has hundreds of spells culled from the historical sources, multiple magic-using classes and species, and art that depicts Viking witches and wizards in all their colorful and historically accurate glory. Now, this game does use the rules for D&D 5th edition, but more important for us Ars players, it’s a fantastic sourcebook and inspiration. I, for one, have had a lot of trouble making Order of Odin NPCs; the sample spells and NPCs we have are great, there’s just not a lot of them. I can use Ars Magica to describe spells, characters, and monsters from Fury of the Norsemen, however.

And if you want to run an Ars game set in the early years of the Order, well, this game is even more perfect for you.

Check out the Kickstarter here. The table of contents for the players guide is up there, as well as 4 character classes. Even if you choose not to back the game, I think you’ll find it interesting.


Viking Necromancer