Gabriel Monomochos- faerie Companion

Gabriel Monomochos Might:5

Int 0 Per 0
Pre 3 Com 3
Str 0 Sta 1
Dex 0 Quick 0

traditional ward(minor -1)
outlaw leader(minor -1)
susceptible to deprivation(minor -1)
Compassionate(major -3)
role requires suffering(minor -1)
Dark Secret(major -3)

warrior(minor +1)
improved characteristics(minor +1)
humanoid faerie(minor +1)
external vis(major +3)
improved characteristics(minor +1)
ostentatious(major +3)
faerie trainer(free +0)

Romaic Greek -reading 5
stealth 3
athletics 2
bow 6 *
single weapon 6 *
leadership 6
brawl 6 *
survival 4
hunt 4
swim 3
ride 3
intrigue 3
charm 2

Gabriel Monomochos was a leader of a small band of resistance fighters during the Latin invasion. Unbeknownst to any save his small band he died from wounds sustained during a raid against the Latins. His body was buried in an unmarked and unsanctified grave, and never was a word spoken of his death- this was his deathbed wish, that his legend might live on and cause further grief for the Latin invaders.
And it has, made manifest in faerie flesh, the current version of the legend accomplished many heroic tasks during the invasion, but now contents itself with righting wrongs perpetrated by Latin Lords upon the Greek peasantry. In most current versions of the story there is some higher lord of the Latins who eventually sees the wrongs being done and helps to correct the problem after Gabriel has gone through much effort to protect the people of Greece, but these are recent stories and largely changed simply to make them less offensive to any Latins who might overhear.
The current Gabriel has a band of human outlaws who follow him- the composition of this band is ever changing as real people age, move on, and new youth are drawn in by the legend. He can train men to fight, the three skills for actual fighting being actual human abilities rather than faerie pretenses. He has joined the covenant in order to help protect the culture of the Greeks from the Latin Lords, and serves as a de facto Turb leader.

I like it.

I also like this! Is it based on a real legend?

A few questions:

I'm guessing his Dark Secret is the fact that he's a faerie. Are the other player characters meant to be in on the secret, or are they initially unaware? I think Charmion the nymph would be able to tell immediately due to her Faerie Sight, and he might have to be careful around magi with intellego magic.

What is his traditional ward?

What does he keep his external vis in, and (since it's the major version) what virtue does this object bestow upon its bearer?

He doesn't have a cognizance virtue or flaw - I'm guessing you meant him to be narrowly cognizant (the free choice).

Yes, though it is more a secret to the Latin lords and peasantry, a few magi knowing wouldn't be the end of him by any stretch.

religious symbols, he also can't enter a dominion without invitation, though he has invitations to many Orthadox churches locally.

his sword, puissant leadership

yes, I considered incognizant so he didn't know he wasn't alive, but decided against it.

Spring 1222- advanced through election story- 6xp, placed in teaching 5xp (from story interaction with Christophoros), and guile (1xp)
Summer 1222 - 2 points exposure in bow (ability, not pretense, from training)
Fall 1222 -exposure in bow and single weapon (1 each)
Winter 1222 - 2 points in single weapon (exposure, from training)