seasonal activities 1222

Advancement from these activities should be kept track of in your character development thread as well, the primary point of this thread is to track and develop potential for stories as well as covenant development.
As of this posting the library is still being finished up, but is looking very close.
Spring: build 2 standard labs- not outfitted, aesthetics and safety +7
Summer: innovate workshop
fall: business in trade as carpenter (individual income)
Winter: begin work on sculpture of Charmion

Loranos*+ Helps Alexander in Spring and Fall, otherwise 'interferes' with an apprentice parchment maker in scriptorium (lending affinity with craft and gaining pretense)

Spring: ink making, 8 days searching for alchemical ingredients (roll 1,5- success by 13, -2 for 1/4 month, 11 labor points of ingredients)
Summer: Learning classical greek- SQ:21 -6(monsterous appearance) -3(magical might): total 12xp
Fall: TBD
Winter: ink making, 8 days searching for alchemical ingredients (roll 9, success by 12, -2 for time, 10 points of ingredients)

Spring: direct covenant
Summer: explore covenant
Fall: direct covenant
Winter: explore Patros

Spring: campaign and run covenant defense- observe Christopheros to develop teaching pretense
Summer: train/teach men in bow
Fall: run covenant defense
Winter: train in single weapon

Tentative activities for my characters. The specifics and sequence of the activities may change based on what is discussed during the initial Council meeting.

Maximilian of Verditius:

  • Spring: Write lab texts for 100 spells levels (mostly in Ignem) as covenant service (2 xp of exposure in Classical Greek)
  • Summer: Collect personal vis source (8 pawns of Herbam); read the Rego summa (17 xp in Rego); trade magical wand to Orion in exchange for 11 pawns of Creo vis, future longevity ritual (Fall 1223) and a future season of lab work
  • Fall: Setup basic personal lab (2 xp of exposure in Magic Theory)
  • Winter: Complete personal lab setup (2 xp of exposure in Magic Theory)

Christophoros the Schoolmaster (abstracted seasonal activities):

  • Spring: Manage/teach at the school (2 xp of exposure in Teaching)
  • Summer: Teach Gregorius Classical Greek or Latin (SQ 21); hire teachers for the school (6 xp for story); meet with the Quaesitor Herakles (1 xp for story) -- spending 2 xp in Teaching and 5 xp in Leadership
  • Fall: Read the Philosophiae summa Physics (12 xp in Philosophiae)[/strike]
  • Winter: Read the Philosophiae summa Physics (12 xp in Philosophiae)

Zeno the Spear (abstracted seasonal activities):

  • Spring: Perform covenant duties (2 xp of exposure in Awareness)
  • Summer: Explore Patras (5 xp of Practice for Area Lore: Patras)
  • Fall: Perform covenant duties by training another grog (2 xp of exposure in Thrown Weapons)
  • Winter: Train under Gabriel's supervision (9 xp in Single Weapon)

Note that during the year Maximilian will begin looking for someone to design a Longevity Ritual for him in 1223. This is settled with Orion as an exchange of services.

Tentative plan for 1222 (subject to lab availability, book avaialability, etc.):

Orion of Meritrina

  • Spring: Writing lab texts for 100 spell levels for a mix of forms (2 xp exposure in Classical Greek)
  • Summer: Begin lab setup for guest lab (2 xp exposure in Magic Theory)
  • Autumn: Collect personal vis source (8 Cr); teach Magic Theory to Anastasia (2 xp exposure in Teaching)
  • Winter: Finish lab setup for guest lab (2 xp exposure in Magic Theory)

Aging Roll: 1d10=3 + 6 (age) - 10 (LR) -1 (faerie blood) -3 (bronze cord) -2 (living conditions) = -7; no apparent age increase

Orion can definitely make a longevity ritual for Maximillian in 1223. He'd be more than happy to trade for a magic item. What seems fair to me is for Orion and Maximillian to both do their lab work at cost, i.e., Orien pays the vis for the item, and Maximillian pays the vis for the LR.

Also, before students start to arrive, Orion would like to cast Conjuring the Mystical Tower to make his sanctum in a suitable place (preferably with a nice view). (He'd be happy to cast it for anyone else who can pay the vis, or who would like to borrow the vis.) His plan is to have his lab built at the base of the tower and have an entrance to the lab from his sanctum so that the two are connected. The tower will also have a main entrance that's outside of the sanctum so that people can easily come and visit. Thankfully the caster can determine the floor plans for the tower.
Casting Total: 1d10=9+35=44 [-7 Cr vis]


  • Spring: Take class in Classical Greek (20 xp teaching in Classical Greek - counting Apt Student)
  • Summer: Study Magic Theory summa (11 xp study in Magic Theory)
  • Autumn: Collect personal vis source (8 He); learn Magic Theory from Orion (14 xp learning in Magic Theory - counting Apt Student)
  • Winter: Learn Second Sight from Aureliano (14 xp learning in Second Sight - counting Apt Student)

If one of the magi needs the book on Magic Theory in the Summer, obviously they have precedence. But if it's free any of Spring, Summer, or Autumn, she'll read it.

Paulos the Cook

  • Spring: Perform covenant duties/Election adventure (5 xp Intrigue; 1 xp Folk Ken)
  • Summer: Explore Patras (7 xp practice in Area Lore: Patras)
  • Autumn: Perform covenant duties (2 xp exposure Cooking)
  • Winter: Explore covenant (7 xp practice in Area Lore: Covenant of Palavo Pyrgos)

Aging Roll: 1d10=6 + 5 (Age) - 1 (living conditions) = 10; +1 AP in any characteristic (Qik)

Kind of dull this first year. But that's because there's a lot of setup going on.

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[size=85]Changes in red.[/size]

I've been busier than I expected lately and I didn't get round to doing any pre-game advancement for Liberius, so I'm going to drop that idea and say he's just out of apprenticeship when he travels to the covenant. He doesn't have a lab yet so he spends his whole time in the library, and can't resist going straight for the exceptional book.

Spring: Study the exceptional Terram summa for 12+3=15 Terram xp, putting him up to level 7 (33 total xp)
Summer: Write up 100 levels of spell lab texts for the covenant (details TBD)
Autumn: Study the Intellego summa for (15+3)*1.5=27 Intellego xp, for level 11 (72 total xp)
Winter: Continue to study the Intellego summa, getting up to level 13 (99 total xp)

Spring-Autumn: To be determined
Winter: Model for Alexander's sculpture

Evangelos likewise will spend his time in the library:

Spring: Study Creo summa for 15+3xp (skill to 5, 3xp towards 6)
Summer: Study our exceptional Terram Summa for 12+3xp (skill to 6)
Autumn: Study Anima summa for 15+3xp (skill to 6, 3xp towards 7)
Winter: Sudy Vim summa for 15+3xp (skill to 6, 3 xp towards 7)

[edited to note book learner which I had forgotten.]
At the end of the year, Evangols will cast an Aegis for the covenant, using 6 of the covenants vis, and making sure to include our patroness and any magical coven-folk.

Spring: Work as merchant in Patras (2 xp Bargain)
Summer: Visit Thessalonica Fair (study, 7 xp Area Knowledge, Thessalonica Fair, free season for wealth)
Fall: Study leadership with family (4 xp Leadership) (Also help sell the Covenants wool, whatever season that fits)
Winter: Study leadership with family (4 xp leadership)

Spring: Covenant duties (2 xp animal handling)
Summer: Explore area (5 xp lake region),met fauns, etc. 1 xp Folk Ken (from story, time with Anastasia)
Fall: Covenant duties (2 xp Romaic Greek)
Winter: Spend time with nearby wild animals, study Animal Ken (4 xp Animal ken)

Aureliano will be dutiful keeping the order running with messages.
Spring: Perform Redcap Duties (2xp exposure Area Lore Greece)
Summer: Collecting from his personal vis source (8 creo per year)
Autumn: Perform Redcap Duties (2xp exposure Area Lore Greece)
Winter: [strike]Practice with Great weapon (4xp)[/strike] Teaching Anastasia Second Sight Teaching score is com 0/teaching 0/ +3/ + 6 for single student. Exposure will be taken in classic greek.

4/15xp toward area lore Greece 3 (unsure if his duties can be considered practice for area lore as a messenger, i assumed the worst)
2/25xp toward Cl Greek 5

If Aureliano is entitled to a lab (and yes i agree its incredibly useless to him) if he gets one built he will donate it to the covenant to be used for guests and simply use his silver stipend to keep it stocked.

Omphalos will be working on his basic magical understanding while
Spring: Study Intellego summa L15 Q15 Skill raised up to 6.
Summer: Study Perdo summa L14 Q16 Skill raised to 6. 1xp left over
Autumn: Study Vim summa L16 Q15 Skill raised to 5. 2xp left over
Winter: Study Animal Summae L10 Q15 Skill raised to 5.

Perdo 1/7xp
Vim 2/6xp

Agapitus will settle in, and then get to work. I'll use the Terram Book twice if you don't mind. Higher level Mutanum spells for books sort of need it.

Spring: Construct Lab (2 Exposure Magic Theory)
Summer: Finish Lab (2 Exposure Magic Theory)
Autumn : Study Creo Summa (Raise from 7 to 8, 43 out of 45 to get to skill 9)
Winter: Study Terram Summa (Raise from 0 to 4, 12 out of 15 to get to skill 5)

As for Iosif...

Spring: Wander around Patras (7 xp practice in Area Lore: Patras), Gain a vision about the covenant near the end.
Summer: Approach Covenant, Practice Magic Lore 4
Autumn: Explore covenant (7 xp practice in Area Lore: Covenant of Palavo Pyrgos)
Winter: Practice Magic Lore 4

I have updated my post for the activities planned for my characters. Changes are shown in red.