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Sorry to be late weighing in. But I agree with Joel. I don't find the suggestion outlandish or out of character with Maximilian. Orion has a more liberal view of things than others might. I could easily see us limiting access to books until an apprentice reaches a certain age. I also think that since Magic Theory is the basis of everything, we might do well to make a copy of our Magic Theory summa, partly to allow multiple magi to study it if they want, but also to allow for a copy that could safely be used by apprentices without risking the 'main' copy.

Copying the Magic Theory summa could be a project assigned to an apprentice otherwise not being used by her master. It would help reinforce the notion that books are valuable and a big time investment, while also teaching her more about the scribing profession and all that it entails. :laughing:

Further apprentices could be tasked with copying other books that are useful to apprentices.

But as a player I do not disagree with what others have stated. This is just a more modern point of view that our characters may not share -- as I have described Maximilian not sharing it. :smiley:

I think that's an excellent idea!

Also for what its worth can we just post a seperate poll for all things going to vote, so we dont spend 5 posts all going aye or will probbly go much quicker.

We would have to create a separate thread for each poll..

I noticed yesterday that the following books had been added to the covenant's library:

Are these books obtained at Christophoros' suggestion? At what point do they become available? Are there separate copies for the school, or are they shared with the covenant?

These are books which the board seems to have authorized in the spring, they are available in the fall. It is up to the board if it wants to spend future income for duplicate copies. Master copies have been retained by the scriptorium for future sales.

Updated Christophoros' 1222 seasonal activities to take those books into account. Updated Zeno's activities at the same time. Changes are in green.

Actual advancement calculations should be done in your character advancement thread rather than seasonal activities.
hat being said Gabriel can train in the winter, which would be SQ:9 for single weapon.

That reminds me...I need to figure out exactly Iosif does with his two off seasons that year...not entirely sure...

Any suggestions?

Probably researching something about the shadowy figure that stalks him...

Just by exposure or practice I assume?

Practice (research) or if you want to generate a story by literally trying to find and confront him...
the last option could be a bit risky.
There has already been a thread created for plans for 1223, if everyone would go ahead and fill that in and advance their characters to the end of the year, I will start generating stories for 1223- right after I get my own characters advanced and plans made...

The point in setting up the game the way I did was to explore the idea of characters, especially the 'lower class' characters such as grogs and companions, striving to be more than what their roles seem to define them as. There are rules about their limitations as well as their potential for advancement throughout the books. To me however the vote under how to deal with craft bonuses is more telling than playing the game through, that over half the people would prefer to throw away rules that allow "lesser" characters to be effective parts of the story is really a blow, to the whole purpose I had in setting up this game to begin with. As such I have zero motivation to continue with it. Is there anyone else willing to step up as storyguide, or shall I have it shut down?

SilverOak, I think you are reading as a matter of kind something that is a matter of degree.
The idea of having significant focus on how lesser characters can advance / improve / evolve is interesting. I suspect from the characters that got set up that it is interesting to many of the players.
The problem for me is that rather than evolving / improving the impact of your mythic companion is actually larger than many magi (howsobeit in a supporting fashion, as I understand to be appropriate for faerie.)

So the way I would expect this one to resolve is that we find a reasonable level for current impact, and you look for ideas on how your faerie could improve / evolve (to be managed by a beta story guide I suppose.)

This is not simply about my mythic companion (not a faerie, BTW) but about the idea that we need to keep characters in little boxes and nobody can be as great as a magi in any way shape or form.
And this isn't saying "we need to do x or I am leaving" this is saying "I am disgusted with how this is turned out and I'm leaving"
In other words this is past the point of discussion. In fact I get the feeling that many of the players have already left because each detail of every aspect of the game has been discussed ad nauseum, not just a few key or critical points. Maybe I should have just let Arthur go at the beginning, maybe I shouldn't have tried so hard to make this so much a troupe game, but where things are now, I no longer want to be involved.

Sorry to hear that. I understand.

Sad to hear it, but if that's the case shut it down.

I share in the sadness at this situation, and feel some responsibility in causing it with the debates I started. :frowning:

I'm not going to try to convince you to keep going if you don't want to, but on the other I will note that I believe you are reading more into the vote (and debates) than what was intended. I never felt this was about keeping "lesser" characters into small boxes, but rather avoiding them being used simply as a way to get bonuses for magi's labs.

I was (and still am) very much in favour of grogs and companion being able to grow their role, even completely rewrite it and/or by growing in power so much that they could ultimately be considered equals to magi. I just think that the way to do that isn't to rule that their work can pile on bonuses to a magus' lab total. On the contrary, that would have encourage magi to keep those characters in their little boxes, since the magi benefit from keeping them there.

If someone wants to keep the saga going as storyguide, I'll be happy to play along. I like the characters I have built for the saga.

Sorry to hear this.