Gaining Magic Might

I may have missed this somewhere in the books...

At what point would a mundane beast gain a Might score?

Not talking Beasts of Virtue here...those one offs that nature seems to provide...talking more about the breedable packs of Might wolves, spiders and birds the Tremere control...and critters like them. What was that initial source of Might?

Before I started researching this, I would have said that prolonged exposure to an aura was the most likely way...but warping (as written) never quite gets you there.

Any advice?

I think that the initial stock for these animals already had might.

The Merinita Nature Mystery of Awakening can grant Might to a non-magical animal.

If Might is heritable in a bloodline (it isn't always) then they gain it as they grow or are born with it at your option. Look in Hermetic Projects for stuff about breeding magical creatures.