gaining virtues during game play...

I was browsing the NPC's to get a gauge for some enemies and I noticed that just about all of them had a confidence score of 3... how is this possible? a 45 year old magi with a confidence of 3 is very impressive... are confidence scores on the same formula as your warping score? Does your confidence score go up to 2 when you save up 15 confidence points?

I can't believe that I missed this if it is true...


[Pg.33 Para 2 - Compaions and Magi start with a Confidence Score of 1 to 3 Confidence points, unless they have a Virtue or flaw that indicates otherwise.

Confidence Points may be spent to gain a one-off +3 bonus to any die roll, and a maximum of number of COnfidence Ponts equal to the characters confidence score may be spent on the single roll(etc)]

In Fifth Edition each time you spend a Confidence Point. you don't get it back. It goes bye-bye.

Storyguides are supposed to award new points at teh end with Experience.

I suppose it's entirely possible, and likely, that a long-term played Magi may easily have quite a number of confidence points. Obviously no matter how many they have though, they are still limited by thier Confidence Score in what they can expend.

As far as 4th Edition COnfidence? I used to be famous for minbe. I had a score of.. what 7-8? After just 4 months of gaming once a week. Since you got them back automatically if you succeeded, it was just silly in my opinion not to use them every chance I got. AS a result. I constantly got the rolls I needed to get more confidence. I never lost a point do to a botch.

Yet that three number should be listed as confidence points not confidence score. tthe confidence score should be a one.

Well you can increase your confidence score by one point if you achieve something important to you that costs ypu many effords and is hard and/or difficult to do. Such things as gaining the title of Master in the Rhine Tribnunal, winning a Verditius contest, kill the MM75 dragon in order to get the cure for your sister that pains her since she was two years old, or if you become the Primus of your house, becoming archmage, make a major or pherhaps even a minor breakthrough.
In my saga the Tytalus magus wanted to become the youngest master ever and he spen nearly every season in order to fullfill the requirements, he did a lot of intrigue, he collected the favors old magi gave the group as an adventure gift to get his master quests quite earlym, he gave the local redcaps a lot of vis and artifacts in order to get a good reputation in the tribunal quickly and so on. After becoming a Master only 7 years out of gauntlet he got TWO confidence score points for a total of four, I as the gamemaster gave him two points because he did not only one, but two difficult and extraordinary long-term things.

check out some NPC's in the book. its pretty common in the books that the NPC's have scores of 2 or 3 and points of 10 or so without having the self confident virtue.

I was just making sure I wasn't missing something vital.


The book suggests that Confidence Score (not points) takes quite an effort to increase. It specifically gives as an example the arduous 15 years of a Tytalus Apprenticeship, enough to raise their Score to "2".

Depending on the NPC, that may or may not be a reasonable assumption, or a difficult rationale.