Game art & websites

Many of us have websites for our games. I run an ArM PbM for my friends.

Are we allowed to use game art from supplements we own to decorate our private websites? I am sure many people do already but I would feel better if there was an official - 'yes we can' (to quote someone in the news quite a lot recently) from Atlas. I am obviously not talking about commercial games here, just private ones.

If this is the case - would it be possible for Atlas to host a gallery of legitimate uesage somewhere on their website? The artwork in ArM is of a really high standard and consistency - sadly we private individuals cannot afford to comission artists to produce more.

Finally, if that is not the case, such as if the artists hold copyright, could a bundle be released digitally from somewhere that we can 'buy' it for said purposes.

Hi there. Our general policy is that all the images on our website can be used by fans/retailers/etc. to promote our games, as long as they're not actually making a profit on the images themselves. You'll find that most of the cover images are at pretty high resolution, actually, for just this reason. Enjoy!

Just to add a note of clarification -- in most cases, the artists DO own copyright to their images. Our art contract gives us the right to publish it in a book, reprints/other editions of the same book (such as PDFs or translations), and for promotional use (ads, catalogs, on our website). We don't own other rights, so we don't have the power to grant them to anyone else.

Michelle is right about the images on our website (cover shots, primarily) -- we intend them to be available for people to use to promote, sell, and talk about our games, without any fuss. But that may be different from what you want to do, if say you were hoping to scan pictures of characters from the inside pages of some book to decorate your website. (And if it's a website on the internet, it's not really "private" unless it's something that requires login/password -- you're publishing it to the whole world...)