Game Chef

Guys, the Game Chef theme for this year is William Shakespeare.

Since I know its in the wheelhouse for many of you, I thought I'd pass it on.

I'm tempted...

Hey, if Ars can do The Tempest twice (counting the old adventure), this contest ought to be a shoe-in!

The Tempest was indeed the very first thing that came to my mind reading the keywords!

What about an ArM adventure writing contest based on keywords? 8)

I'm up for it.

Hey, to make it more interesting, if one of you wants to start a Kickstarter or equivalent sort of deal, I'd be happy to pay an entry fee and compete for fun cash prizes.

Seriously. Pay your $10 or whatever for a copy of all the entries, and fight it out with the Iron Chefs of Ars Magica.

Sadly I'd probably be Iron Chef Faerie, which I'd have a hard time explaining to my grandmother, but there you go.

There are lots of fantastic sounding concepts and drafts on the site... but can I download the individual submissions? I can only get to the overview site, not the individual submissions. Are they not public?

I think most of them are: contact the site admin.

Appologies for going slightly tangental here but Maybe there could be a sticky for story seeds and/or NPC's like the lab work and grimoire ones. If you've come up with something that may be of use to another GM needing a monster or story swiftly, then he can just delve into here, and to use a colloquialism job's-a-good'un.