Game structure

We have a covenant, and we have (mostly) finished magi. If we need a charter, the one from covenants (standard) will serve.That means we can start.
I have made a quick reference thread for your magi so you can imagine the others more easily.

The first action will take place in the summer of 1221 when you travel to tribunal to officially announce your presence.

That gives you the following preparation time (the months have been put in the following seasons for ease of reference): 6 seasons
winter (Jan-March)1220:
spring (Apr-June) 1220:
summer (July-sept) 1220:
Fall (Oct-Dec) 1220:
Winter and spring 1221:

Since Solitude starts without a library, you will have to cooperate, especially during those first seasons, e.g. by teaching each others, or writing for each other (once you have hired scribe, bookbinder and illuminator), so it will make little sense to develop all 6 seasons unless you restrict yourself to activities that do not require cooperation (like inventing a spell).

So we will need a "Cooperation" thread in which you decide if and how you want to cooperate.

Important: before actually doing anything in a season, roll a d100 (00 is considered 0, not 100). If your roll < 2x(points of story flaws + points of personality flaws), your character is distracted (e.g. "carefree: I dreamed the season away", "pious: pilgrimage to Rome") and only gets 2xp exposure that season - and your task is not done.

recording character development:

I want each of you to start a new thread. Subject: "Development: name ex house". Copy in your finished character (with the stats you start with). Add your pre-game text if you have one.

Use the second post to copy the sheet again and modify it as your character grows. Record development, season by season at the bottom of the second sheet.
Include all acquired possessions that are not given to the covenant.

We will start a new post after each adventure, which means we will conserve various stages of the character's development.

DO NOT POST IN THESE THREADS unless they are about YOUR character.

So we will have:

  1. One quick reference thread
  2. Your personal development thread "Development: Name ex House".
  3. The thread "name ex house" that you used to create your character.This can be used by others to comment on your character's development.
  4. A library/vis stores/covenant items" thread where I write down your shared stuff.
  5. A thread about "covenant economics" in which I will record changes in the population/cost.
  6. A covenant thread "covenant development" in which you can discuss how you want to change the covenant in the game (e.g. adding a tower)
  7. ic threads
  8. A "cooperation" thread that is used to discuss vis use, who teaches whom, who reads which book in which season