Games from Folklore #1 - Vivisection

Timothy Fergeson's first podcast ( was on and around the subject of the vermiform appendix and implications of it being discovered by magi.* In the course of this, TF talks about dissections, except where he mentions vivisection (at about 1:48). This is probably just a slip of the tongue, but so what?

There's no reason that a magus could not vivisect a living body, corporeal or animal. With a suitable subject, the body could be opened and closed with Muto, and if you care about your subject's health you can blunt or remove the pain and take care to not unduly upset the humors.

Really, though, there's little cause to do that, either. Intelligo Corpus can make the skin transparent (to you), then the muscles, and then the organs if you want to study the skeleton. It's possible this would even pass theological issues with dissection - you are not violating the body by opening it, after all. Muto Corpus can make the tissue directly transparent.


*To which in general my response is "It was always there, not noticed in the gore, and the main question is - What astrological sign is it in harmony with?"