Garage Sale

I'm creating this thread for the occasional listing of stuff I found in the warehouse that someone might want to buy, game products (such as out of print items we found one or two copies of) or other. Or perhaps in some cases take for free or for the cost of shipping.

If you are interested in buying something I list in this thread, please contact me via e-mail directly (; please don't make me log in to the board to read a private message, or you'll lose the item to someone who did send me regular e-mail like I asked. :slight_smile:

Another update, reflecting items sold and new OOP warehouse discoveries available:

AG0259 The Mythic Seas (1 copy) (, $16.95
AG3020 The Sorcerer's Slave (1 copy), scuffed cover (, $7.95
MIB3300 Pandemonium! Adventures in Tabloid World RPG (3 copies) (, $19.95 ea.

Price is as listed about (usually original MSRP), plus shipping (actual cost). In the USA I will ship either UPS or Priority Mail (so that there's tracking); outside the US, one hardcover book will fit into one Priority Mail International flat-rate envelope...sometimes more than one softcover will.

First come, first served.

EDIT: Removed ROP:D, which sold.