Gauging interest in an Ars5 Game


I'm thinking about putting together an Ars game, 5th edition rules. It will likely have something of a frontier flavour, though I've not yet decided on location. PCs will be freshlly gauntleted, and will need to essentially build the covenant from the ground up. "Growing pains" will cover the early sections of the campaign, with later developments growing out of the decisions PCs make.

This would only be the second Ars game I've run, and the first for fifth edition. I'd be especially interested in two kinds of players - people who are relatively new to Ars, and people who usually GM and are looking for a chance to play. The former I'll get a chance to "thrill" with some of the implicit secrets of Ars, and the latter I might look to for advice on occasion.

I anticipate that time scale will alternate between multi-season character development and intensive roleplay. The idea is to have roleplay generate new opportunities for resource and character development, punctuated by periods of study / lab etc. where players can take advantage of the resources they've gained.

Games I run in general tend to focus on intrigue / mysteries / exploring rather than monster hunting. Combat will occur, but tends to provide climactic resolution rather than being the core of the story.

Any interest in this kind of a game?


I possess all but four of the 5th edition books currently released or soon to be released and possess three of the 4th edition tribunal books (Stonehenge, Levant, and Scandinavia). I have attempted many times to start a campaign but have difficulty getting players here in the states to be interested to devoting the time to it. I am more than interested in playing this.

PS: For all you medievalists, tomorrow is Michaelmas!

By the way, if there is to be a saga, how research heavy would it be? I hold a degree in Religion and Philosophy with an emphasis in Medieval Thought so I got that covered. I've also read up quite a bit on Medieval Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, and the Crusader States.

Always interested. Well time for some bragging :slight_smile: , I have a teaching degree in history and social science for the Swedish upper secondary school. Not much but I think it is possible that I know a few things about history. :slight_smile:


Generally, I'd think that history serves story. So, enough history to make things feel "realish", but anachronism when it serves the interests of driving the story.


Always good. I'm a bit to eager to start on deciding things like time period and region. But I'll wait until there's more people interested.

I'm interested, I played in the game that Mad Max was in.

I don't have degrees in medieval history, but I've been playing Ars for awhile and know a lot of medieval trivia and such. Enough to not get too embarassed.

I may also be interested. I last ran a 4thEd game 2 years ago. It folded after a year but would like the chance to get some magi time. Will you be needing Beta SGs?

I'm interested. I've been running a 5th Ed game for a year now, so I'd love to play around as a PC.

Is this thread still active? I've been thinking I might like to try PbP. I've never done so before.


I played a couple of AM4th games a few years ago, and I would love to have the occasion to play again, if it's not too late

Mark me down as interested as well.

yeah, i got fooled by the date of the original post too.

But jebrick, this post is not a day old, its from 2008 :confused:

Firemonkey hasnt been to this board since November 2008, so probably not much happening in this proposed game any more....