GenCon 2015

Anything going on at GenCon for ArsM this year?


Yes indeed! I will be working at the Atlas booth and answering questions, and there's a panel about the future of Ars Magica. There are several games scheduled throughout the weekend, too. Is there anything you want to do for it?

I would love to do something but as of right now, I don't know if I will be able to go this year.

But I have been thinking lately about trying to do more to support ArsM, either at conventions or here at my store.

Eric Ellis
Bookery Games

The only game I saw was canceled (Ungauntleted: Be True To Your School). Are there other games that I'm missing with the search?

Oh shoot, it was cancelled? Yeah, that GM was running three events last I checked, and I don't see them in the event search any more. :confused:

Well, a lot of us will be there. Maybe we can get a game together?

Yeah, I'm the GM who had to cancel that game; started a new job this summer, and was unable to get the time off during my first 45 days. Hopefully next year won't be a problem, and I'll run the event then. Hope everyone had a good con!