GenCon Oz replacement

I know the Ars players in Oz are widely scattered, so I know its unlikely we can help out as a group, but, on the off chance:

GenCon Oz has been cancelled for this year, just two months or so from when it would have been held. People have booked flights, and hotels, and that sort of thing, so the guys from The Stockade ( and Go Play Brisbane (same site...) are trying to throw together an emergency conference / gaming weekend.

My plan, at the moment, is to give them two days of my time, running games (not just Ars, but certainly some Ars) and doing whatever workshops / seminars they can get together given they don't have appearance fee money for the Usuaul Suspects who turn up to Gen Con.

Now, Ars doesn't have a lot of profile in Australia. This is weird, because so many of the Ars authors are from around here. I think if we are able to turn up during emergency con, do cool stuff, maybe hand out freebie .pdf copies of ArM4 (I have yet ot check the legality on that...maybe just the link on busines cards or something.) I think we may be able to stoke some interest.

So, my fellow Australians...if you think you can help, send up a flare, OK?

Alternatively, if you can think of cool stuff for me to do to impress the attendewes, suggestions very welcome!


This could be fun and interesting - not sure if I can commit to anything yet...

What was the date?



24-25 September, Lachie

Given that I'll be in Brisbane anyway, I don't see how I can refuse a request this polite!

Hmmm. OK. Can't do this sadly due to work / RL commitments which can't be shifted.

Any other way I can help?