GenCon SoCal - What Say You?

I was at GenCon SoCal over the weekend, standing behind a giant stack of Atlas card games and talking to lots of game fans. I had a great time.

How about you? Were you there? If so, how did the con go for you? Did you play in any Atlas games? Buy any Atlas stuff? Have any observations for us about what you like about cons, what you hate about cons, what we're doing right, or what we could do better?

Surprising what one finds when searching though old threads. I thought this was going to be a discussion about the cancellation of Gen Con So Cal, not noticing the date. Personally, I'm sad I never got to go: this probably would have been the first year it was possible, and being a Southern California resident, the timing would have been perfect. Ah well, such is life.

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Hey, guess whos going to GenCon and this dinner?

Well, a lot of people. But also me.