Genera Spell damage question

Hi, so when a General Spell says it does damage equal to the spell, does it mean the base level, or the actual final level of the spell?

For instance, the guidelines under Perdo Vim says, "Reduce the targets might score by the level of the spell +10 (assuming the spell penetrates their magic might).

But, Demon's Eternal Oblivion says, "the demon loses might score equal to the spell's level".

So, if I create Demon's Eternal Oblivion with a base 3, Range: Voice (+2) Target: Ind (+0) and Duration: Momentary (+0) for a total of Level 5, should it do 5 damage to the Might Score or 15 Damage, per the Perdo Vim guidelines? I haven't seen any errata, and there seems to be a contradiction.

The "level of the spell" in guideline is generally the base level of the spell.

There is errata for Perdo Vim guidelines:

Perdo Vim Guidelines: General (p. 160): Change "Reduce a target's Might Score by the level of the spell + 10" to "Reduce a target's Might Score by the level of the spell + 2 magnitudes" in the third guideline.

So in this case, a DEO with base 3, will do 3 + 2 magnitudes = 5 points of damage to the Might score - same as the final spell level of 5.


Okay, so if i did a base 5,+2 for voice, it would be 15 damage?

Yes. Base 5 + 2 magnitudes give 15 points of damage. Base 5 + 2 magnitudes for voice give level 15.

In this particular case the spell, Demon's Eternal Oblivion came first - inherited from earlier editions - and the guideline was written to match it. The original author however failed to account for how magnitude isn't the same as 5 levels when creating low-level spells, and so the errata was issued.

NO! That guideline specifically lowers the MIGHT of the target creature.
This is NOT damage (as such), but does affect being associated with a specific Realm.
Please don't get the two mixed up. It does not cause wounds.