General guidelines


I'm quite lost in the general guidelines.

ReAu: wards against air divine spirit.

My casting total ReAu is 45. So, because i need to penetrate, i would fix the level of my ward at some 22, to have still 23 of penetration and then its the best result.
I want my ward to be at touch (+1 magnitude) and at sun (+2).

I want my ward to be the closest possible to 22.

The guideline is at touch (+1), ring (+2), circle (0)

So, for touch sun, i wont need to move my level
Can i say : i have the ward at level 22?

Or, must i follow the rulls which says: "after level 5, further increasement is with 5 levels" and fix it at 20?

That was "easy" (if you have answered 22) because the guideline included +3 magnitudes already)

But then, what if the guideline does not include +3 magnitude (let's say it's a general guideline with personnel, momentary, individual : +0 magnitudes).

Can i fix a spell like this at a level 23 for example?

Thanks for your lights and advices!

IIRC, the base LEVEL of a spell are not affected by the (>5 = magnitude) rule which applies when increasing the parameters beyond Personal, Momentary, Individual.

Okay, to begin with, for a spontaneous spell, you first declare/fix the level of the spell (or desired effect), and then you roll for a casting total - (which included a stress dice, right?)

I wish you would give a page number when you quote a rule or spell or guideline, EK. Your English is good but not perfect, and it's hard to know how to answer when it's not clear exactly what you've actually read (or think you've read) - I'm happy to try to help, but I know no rule uses the word "increasement". :wink:

Yes - "General" formulaic spells can be cast at any Base level (p 115, col iii), and it's generally accepted that a spontaneous version can be cast at any Base level.

Once that Base Level is determined/chosen, the range/duration/target are added on in magnitudes (of 5 levels each) as normal, but the Base effect (determined by the starting level chosen) does not change.

You are right, the default guideline for a Ward is Touch, Ring, Circle, for +3 - a Ward with a base 22 effect and Tch/Rg/Cir is a Level 22 spell. Creating any other spell with a combination of R/D/T equal to +3 would be a normal Ward, as defined in the Guidelines.

If you chose Touch, Diameter, Individual (for a total of only +2 magnitudes), you could have a Level 17 spell with a Level 22 Ward, or a Level 22 spell with a level 27 ward, 5 levels "better".

I don't think that any ward Guideline is listed as Per//Mom/Ind - ReAu certainly not. But not every General guideline is a Ward (altho' ReAu lists no General effects except the Ward.)

Non-ward General spells can work the same - you name the level of the base general effect, and add your R/T/D. A Demon's Eternal Oblivion, for instance, or many Vi spells work that way.

What are you looking at?

So, you answered an implicite question : does, after level 5, a spell need to be 10, 15, 20 and so on, but when you say: 17 <-> 22, i understood that it wasnt necessary.
That's good.

When i was asking, i didnt have the rules with me (I'm at work, and if i can go on the internet, i cannot open a roleplaying game rulebooks without consequences :stuck_out_tongue:), so it's difficult to quote :wink:.

In my minde, i was thinkg 1 2 3 4 5 10 15 20 are the levels, necessary.
I didn't remember that "one magnitude" was "+5 levels".
I tought, and that was the topic, in fine, that "one magnitude" was "neearest level, according the scheme above"

So, sorry for all the inconvenience, but thanx for help!


Yes, you can take a General Spell, choose level... 12 as a starting point, add 2 magnitudes of R/D/T (combined), and get a Level 22 spell, no problem, either formulaic, ritual or spontaneous.

Also, Formulaic and Ritual ~can~ use non-standard R/D/T's - and if the SG allows, those can be worth less than 5 levels. But that's purely houseruled, everyone is different on those. (And Spont' spells can only use standard R/D/T, by the rules.)