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I'll be at my parents for the weekend so that they can dote on their grandchildren. I won't have any books, but I'll try to answer questions.

Hi guys. Glad to be joining you. I've never played in the Rhine Tribunal, so that part alone is a cool new piece. I looked around at the characters to try to avoid lots of overlap, so I dropped my Flambeau thoughts quickly. I'm nearly finished with my Verditius Rego expert.

Rhines pretty good stuff, I play it in my verditus is actually solidly on good terms with triamore. Though best thing in the world...waddenzee....pirate covenant.

I had lots of questions to answer because of my weekend trip and I may have misswed some. Have I?

Well, there are two questions I didn't ask. For the seasons of adventure, I wasn't sure what to do about the chances of finding a suitable animal. What should I do? Along those lines, what is your interpretation of the familiar rules vis-a-vis advancement of the familiar? (I.e. Are they fully penalized by Magic Might or not, and can they still undergo Transformation?) I tend to be a big fan of low-Might familiars, partly because they would more likely want to be in the bond for safety. But I've also had multiple magi with non-magical familiars, which can be cool in its own way.

I think there was a question of how much xp those pre-saga seasons of advancement were giving the characters (see here).

Is it 30 xp/year or 8 xp/season (or is it 10)? How does fractional years work? (E.g. 3 seasons)

Use 8xp per season (10xp/season if you have a virtue that may fit like adept student, or book learner).
Don't forget exposure xp from lab seasons.

ey pralix my first was adventury, and what not did you simply assume it went xp like or did i get other things?

Ah, OK. Totally different than the ArM5 older magi thing. I misunderstood. I adjusted my seasons, though right now Practice for 7 experience seems odd. But I only rolled a 2 so I have time to edit those to be more adventure or something else.

We'll use a different system in game (the resources of Triamore)

Outside of making a prettier character sheet with a more complete description of things (character description, spell details, and things like wounds levels and the like), I think I'm good to go.


Should we open new threads for character sheets without all the discussion? Do you want a single thread with all the characters maintained on their own posts within it?

Wow, surprised from the get-go! Nice! I already see Wizards' Wars brewing...


Okay, I think we are going to use the character threads for the characters (first post is the sheet as it is atm).
I will try to write character summaries (of about 4 sentences each). The aim of the exercise is for me to get a better grasp on the essentials of each magus, and for you to have a quick reference if you are asking yourself: Who was that again. I'll try to link those summaries to the threads.

The question mark in the title was a serious hint though. I'm curious to see how this turns out !

Can you please all make sure you use your character name somewhere in your post, I'm lost already with who's who :blush:

I was starting to have the same problem and was going to make the same request.

Could we also mention what dialects we're using? That can make a big difference when trying to determine what a character follows. For instance, if any of the French being used is Picard Adele can understand some of it, but she wouldn't be able to do anything with other dialects. I'm assuming at least one of those two was speaking in Picard, being from Picardy.

Sure, let's say we always speak Latin when impersonating magus except when we say otherwise and in that case we should also provide dialect.