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Here we go!

I'm glad this went smoothly !

I'll define my background a bit more but you've got the general idea from my vitues/flaws. I'll see with my fellow Flambeau If we already know each over.

Let's define advancement rules and start roleplay the meeting when you're ready !

Im quite willing that we are either contemporaries, or we both trace back to a mutual grand parens.

Not sure what you mean by contemporaries (cause we have same age for sure...), maybe I could just have visited your covenant with my master for a short period of time shortly before the gautlet If that's ok for You, and we could have met by then.

Contemporary means we are pretty much in the same sort of basket (generally in age), but I'm fine with that, it would probbly be solid for my master having me demonstrate my school, and you yours...because knowing is half the battle.

Question: Can one take an Affinity with Spell Mastery? If so, would it apply to mastering any spell?

Id consider it incredibly bust ass if it was applicable for any spell being mastered.

You can take affinity with spell mastery for spell x and/or puissant mastery for spell x, since it is just another ability.
You'd have to develop different spell mastery abilities for different spells, of course.

Puissant Call to Slumber spell mastery gives you: +2 to mastering that spell.

There is of course the more commonly used option of taking 'Mastered spells' (once or several times).
You'll need to sink a lot of xp into one spell if you want to make it pay off mechanically.

Something like:
Incantation of Lightning Mastery 7: penetration, multiple casting, neither voice nor gestures needed, fast casting, resistance

It's certainly a powerful idea, but...
a) it may be boring to play a one-trick pony.
b) it will tempt me to find challenges that cannot be overcome by that one spell (resistance to lightning, underwater adventures, social and political problems, sight range attacks, etc).

First, let me note that this is only something that I've breifly considered as a minor version of Flawless Magic. It isn't necessarily something that I'd want for my magus.

Although I tend to agree that a blanket affinity with spell mastery would be slightly overpowered, having it only apply for a single spell is grossly underpowered for a virtue.

Let's consider the benefits of the major virtue Flawless Magic:

  • Automatically gives 1 level of mastery when first learning the spell --> it initially provides an average magus with about 50 xp, but it keep on giving as the magus learns more spells, so I consider this to be worth a bit more than what a single minor virtue would give
  • Multiplies further xp spent on spell mastery by 2 --> essentially having a double-effectiveness affinity (+100% instead +50%) with all spell mastery abilities, so this is worth a bit less than having 2 minor virtues

The Mastered Spells virtue currently gives a bit less than the first item of Flawless Magic.

Logic would dictate that an blanket Affinity with Spell Mastery would be worth roughly half of the second item. Thus it wouldn't be that powerful a minor virtue.

At least, that was my analysis. Making such an affinity be spell by spell essentially makes it worthless, unless you want the magus to overspecialize. It also difficult to understand how a magus would acquire such a virtue during apprenticeship. Whereas being good at mastering spells does make some sense in this perspective.

As I said, this was just a thought.

Flambeau was a guy like that. One spell, mastered times and again.

Wow, we are fast. Looks like we can start on Monday.
Can I ask you to peer review each other's characters. Don't go nitpicky, but if I overlooked some glaring injustice or the mistake is a mathmatical one, help each other out.

I would just like to get some feedback on my character concept. If it works or not.

I commented Arthur's Character, I'll give a look at yours.

I'll be at my parents for the weekend so that they can dote on their grandchildren. I won't have any books, but I'll try to answer questions.

Hi guys. Glad to be joining you. I've never played in the Rhine Tribunal, so that part alone is a cool new piece. I looked around at the characters to try to avoid lots of overlap, so I dropped my Flambeau thoughts quickly. I'm nearly finished with my Verditius Rego expert.

Rhines pretty good stuff, I play it in my verditus is actually solidly on good terms with triamore. Though best thing in the world...waddenzee....pirate covenant.

I had lots of questions to answer because of my weekend trip and I may have misswed some. Have I?

Well, there are two questions I didn't ask. For the seasons of adventure, I wasn't sure what to do about the chances of finding a suitable animal. What should I do? Along those lines, what is your interpretation of the familiar rules vis-a-vis advancement of the familiar? (I.e. Are they fully penalized by Magic Might or not, and can they still undergo Transformation?) I tend to be a big fan of low-Might familiars, partly because they would more likely want to be in the bond for safety. But I've also had multiple magi with non-magical familiars, which can be cool in its own way.

I think there was a question of how much xp those pre-saga seasons of advancement were giving the characters (see here).

Is it 30 xp/year or 8 xp/season (or is it 10)? How does fractional years work? (E.g. 3 seasons)

Use 8xp per season (10xp/season if you have a virtue that may fit like adept student, or book learner).
Don't forget exposure xp from lab seasons.

ey pralix my first was adventury, and what not did you simply assume it went xp like or did i get other things?