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Ah, OK. Totally different than the ArM5 older magi thing. I misunderstood. I adjusted my seasons, though right now Practice for 7 experience seems odd. But I only rolled a 2 so I have time to edit those to be more adventure or something else.

We'll use a different system in game (the resources of Triamore)

Outside of making a prettier character sheet with a more complete description of things (character description, spell details, and things like wounds levels and the like), I think I'm good to go.


Should we open new threads for character sheets without all the discussion? Do you want a single thread with all the characters maintained on their own posts within it?

Wow, surprised from the get-go! Nice! I already see Wizards' Wars brewing...


Okay, I think we are going to use the character threads for the characters (first post is the sheet as it is atm).
I will try to write character summaries (of about 4 sentences each). The aim of the exercise is for me to get a better grasp on the essentials of each magus, and for you to have a quick reference if you are asking yourself: Who was that again. I'll try to link those summaries to the threads.

The question mark in the title was a serious hint though. I'm curious to see how this turns out !

Can you please all make sure you use your character name somewhere in your post, I'm lost already with who's who :blush:

I was starting to have the same problem and was going to make the same request.

Could we also mention what dialects we're using? That can make a big difference when trying to determine what a character follows. For instance, if any of the French being used is Picard Adele can understand some of it, but she wouldn't be able to do anything with other dialects. I'm assuming at least one of those two was speaking in Picard, being from Picardy.

Sure, let's say we always speak Latin when impersonating magus except when we say otherwise and in that case we should also provide dialect.

So far, I have assumed that the characters would use the language at their disposal most useful for communication:

  • Latin among magi
  • French to talk to illiterate grogs/peasants

I have no objections to you stating the dialect in use (as long as we do not strt using colors for it).

Menatia talked to Hildegarde in Picard French for a short while and then I wrote that in text. I think if we don't explicitly write something else the magi talks in Latin with each other.

That's why I wanted some numbers as to how fast Animus is. If you remember, I calculated here that he would travel at about three times the speed of a galloping horse. By that measure, he can easily run from Triamore to Fengheld in 2 days. His top speed is about 150 kph. But the need to follow roads, rest once in a while and avoid obstacles mean that his effective speed is from one half to one quarter of this. Still, that's only 7 to 14 hours of running. He might be able to do it in a single day, but that would be pushing himself.

My guess is that Adele can probably travel at about the same speed, if using Seven-League Stride. But the need for Finesse rolls every time makes it riskier for long distances, and she needs to be able to see where she's going. Of course, that is moot if she has an Arcane Connection close to Fengheld, because if she does she can just use Leap of Homecoming and get there in a blink.

Having done a shit ton of running, id love to see the guy run for 7 to 14 hours without having a coronary. Most people get ludicirously tired after the second unless you are in marathon shape...and lets be honest here most of us sit on our asses, read books and scowl at mortals. Realistically even at hyper movement, its probbly gonna be a few days just for the fact of us not dying when he get there and even at that are still tons faster than the alternative.

That being said if you run for an hour, rest for an hour over two days...its feesible, but id regret to be that guy.

There are a few tricks to her Seven-League Stride:

  1. Have an active flight/levitation spell. That way you can aim for safer spots in case you miss a little.
  2. Precise Casting cuts down on botch dice.
  3. Stalwart Casting allows her to cast it once every 6 seconds without tiring.
    So she could theoretically travel about 0.926 km/s or 3333 km/h. That's why I figured all the time would be about spotting landmarks and the like. I figure she needs to spot a lot of landmarks. More likely she would just fly alongside Animus to get there, taking an arcane connection so she could serve as the messenger between wherever they are and the rest of the group. There is much more safety in that method.

Actually, that's why I cut down his effective speed to one quarter. If I was using his top speed it would be only 3.5 hours, but I knew this wasn't reasonable at all. So he's running 15-30 minutes and then resting for an hour. He also has the Long-Winded virtue and Athletics 2 with a specialty in running. And his power has D:Conc, so with a Concentration score of 2 he can maintain it up to 30 minutes at a time. Plus he can run over rivers instead of having to cross over bridges only.

Overall, based on those factors I still think that 2 days is reasonable. But even if it takes him 4 days instead that's no big deal.

i agree with your assessment Arthur

Oh, and I wasn't around for the original debate. Not that it really matters, but based on RoP:M an effect that allows someone to run really fast like that is ReCo. That is implied because nearly the same effect for a horse is ReAn.