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Having done a shit ton of running, id love to see the guy run for 7 to 14 hours without having a coronary. Most people get ludicirously tired after the second unless you are in marathon shape...and lets be honest here most of us sit on our asses, read books and scowl at mortals. Realistically even at hyper movement, its probbly gonna be a few days just for the fact of us not dying when he get there and even at that are still tons faster than the alternative.

That being said if you run for an hour, rest for an hour over two days...its feesible, but id regret to be that guy.

There are a few tricks to her Seven-League Stride:

  1. Have an active flight/levitation spell. That way you can aim for safer spots in case you miss a little.
  2. Precise Casting cuts down on botch dice.
  3. Stalwart Casting allows her to cast it once every 6 seconds without tiring.
    So she could theoretically travel about 0.926 km/s or 3333 km/h. That's why I figured all the time would be about spotting landmarks and the like. I figure she needs to spot a lot of landmarks. More likely she would just fly alongside Animus to get there, taking an arcane connection so she could serve as the messenger between wherever they are and the rest of the group. There is much more safety in that method.

Actually, that's why I cut down his effective speed to one quarter. If I was using his top speed it would be only 3.5 hours, but I knew this wasn't reasonable at all. So he's running 15-30 minutes and then resting for an hour. He also has the Long-Winded virtue and Athletics 2 with a specialty in running. And his power has D:Conc, so with a Concentration score of 2 he can maintain it up to 30 minutes at a time. Plus he can run over rivers instead of having to cross over bridges only.

Overall, based on those factors I still think that 2 days is reasonable. But even if it takes him 4 days instead that's no big deal.

i agree with your assessment Arthur

Oh, and I wasn't around for the original debate. Not that it really matters, but based on RoP:M an effect that allows someone to run really fast like that is ReCo. That is implied because nearly the same effect for a horse is ReAn.

That's actually what I did. ReCo Base 15 is being used here (just added it to the character's stats, right before the Base). Looking at RoP:M, the is also exactly the same power as Sprint of the Zepyhr of the Great Stallion of the Camargue (p.59), except that Animus uses Conc duration, the power allows him to pass over surfaces that cannot hold his weight. And the fact that he can invoke the power at will, as a fast-cast effect.

The exact make-up of the power, and rationale for the Base, can be found here.

Two days, three days, four days. You probably got your letters a season or so ago. So what does it matter?

I can picture "smile like a crocodile," but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. :slight_smile:

generally not good lol

Leap of Homecoming
Just noticed that Leap of Homecoming probably needs (free) casting requisites. Fortunately, Adele has enough Terram to take a note chalked on slate with her (and her casting tools are probably all terram), but she'd travel in the nude (not a big problem for someone who can rego away the cold). Arriving at the Gate naked (with here slate "letter") and her casting tools sure impressed the grogs.

Did she put on clothes before arriving? Did she accept clothes from Fengheld? Or is Horst trying to avoid staring at her naked breasts?
Or did she attempt to travel with clothes?

Re 19 + forms 0 + Sta 0 + aura Triamore 2 + loud and extreme gestures 2 +1 mastery = 24 (which would require a dice roll)

I'll make the roll. I forgot the Aura here was only +2. Still, if she fails she'll just wait a few minutes and try again. The only real need for rolling would be if a few minutes mattered or if she really was hoping to avoid getting Fatigued while casting the spell. I was willing to accept the Fatigue loss, so I was trying to speed things along.

Is the gender mix-up due to typos or intentional? I'm just trying to get a read on the residents at this place. Thanks.

GM, thanks for the "Who is who" thread. That's handy. For PC's I kept going back to the main page to look for the authors of the character creation threads, but that would become far more difficult as we get more threads. Could I suggest also having two more (or maybe more) posts? Once could be NPC's at Triamore. Another could be other NPC's, which maybe should be split into other OoH NPC's and non-OoH NPC's.

I just reread. It would be a simple roll most likely, sine it is a mastered spell. You can't fail.

My mistake. I'll fix it.

I like the idea. I'll put it on my to do list. Thanks!

Interesting way of describing the library.

It might be useful to have the Com scores of the library staff, in case we want them to teach someone directly.

Indeed, nice Library system.

com added

I am still putting together that kind of information. Part of the problem is that I have asked Atlas games if I can post the floor plans and some texts from the 4th edition book on this forum, but they have said neither yes nor no, which is not helpful at all.

For now, assume that this is a 3/4-finished castle, parts of it dangerous because of decayed floors, used and disused sanctums [sic]. The lower basement is off limits because of "strange magic stuff". None of this will pose problems to people unless they go actively snooping around.

Don't worry about It, this is just a way to have a few description of the important rooms : library, labs, council room etc.. maybe the surrounding so we can get into the atmosphere and do small talks while we are waiting for Adele to come back.

Given time, I could throw together some maps inspired from those in the Triamore supplement (which I own), if you want.

But I agree with Bitter, it is not a priority. Some descriptions will do just fine for now.