General Table Talk

I know at least one Master would argue for lodging him in Andorra.

Yeah, Solomon would also argue that Lucas should be at the main covenant. It might suck for him, being the only journeyman there, but it makes the most sense.

It doesn't bother me. That's where the library is!

Speaking of which, when the time comes, Lucas will volunteer to serve as Librarian, if the Masters are willing. That would make Vocis Chief Librarian

Appointing Lucas as a librarian is Vocis's call, not the Masters'. I was going to RP that once he's formally a member. Marko, are we going to play out the vote like we did with Fleur or just rubber stamp it? I'm good either way.

I was hoping for that. :slight_smile:

No one gets to decide where Lucas is stationed. The covenant [strike]sold the parking meter rights[/strike] made a contract with House Mercere that states they get to station a Mercere magus of their choosing in the Redcap Quarter. The covenant must grant him the basic rights of a Protected Guest (and possibly a member), and House Mercere pays his expenses (until he becomes a member).
And there's the rub :mrgreen:
The process is for becoming a member is detailed in our Resolutions of Charter under Ranks and Membership. A magus in good standing can directly petition the council, though it is better if one or more current members sponsor their petition (Sponsors are not part of the resolutions, just a tradition). The petition can be accepted or rejected at that moment. However, the council may require them to wait as a Pledge for up to seven seasons, and may require three services of them (equal to a season's work).
Becoming a member requires a unanimous vote, at which point you become a Journeyman. Then you are in and have full rights. Then the road to becoming Master is ambiguous and a ways down the road.

So, right now Lucas is a Pledge with Protected Guest status and is being Sponsored by Fedora. Now, the magi got fast tracked because they agreed to serve deputy warden posts at Sa Dragonera (Mallorca/Ibiza/Balearic Islands). Stationed there, they lack the strong aura and Aegis protection that they are entitled to. Performing this service got them fast tracked into membership. Lucas cannot be stationed there, even if he wanted to. Unless he quits his job. So the question is, "Why should we not make him wait seven seasons and demand three services?". Carmen will specifically bring this up to Fedora when Fedora requests a council meeting.

I have updated the House Rules :smiley:

Well, I'm not, never even watched the show, but who cares?
I remember when I was seen as "kiddie" because I read comics and watched cartoons, despite a lot of these being better than the TV shows that were en vogue. So I sure won't poke at bronies :smiley:

Oh yeah, those are all great :smiley:
I miss robot chicken here :frowning:

Arachne says we shouldn't
But she thinks of the covenant's first and foremost: This ensures a magi's basic willingness to work for it.
(and wasn't it 7 years at some time? Whatever)

Yes. Vibria is Marshall, and Arachne is Warden.
Roberto would like to work with either one of them, either as a Deputy Marshall or a Junior Warden.

That's not the point. It is a girl's cartoon. And there is nothing wrong with that, it is just amusing. And it is a good show with layered writing (so I have been told), and maybe the subliminal intent is to get fathers and daughters to bond together through mutual media enjoyment. Or whatever. It is a cult phenomenon. And part of earning their stripes as bronies is enduring a little b-busting :laughing:
Blame it on Ryu, who is the one who taught me the slang term and is also a bronie.

It usually takes seven years to go from Journeyman to Master. Seven seasons and three services is generally what is traditionally required just to become a member. It is not mandatory to wait, and we waived that for the Sa Dragonera magi because they must endure three severe hardships: weak magic auras, no Aegis, and each location is based on a node in this mysterious Regio network spanning the Balearic Islands and centered on Sa Dragonera.
Lucas is unable to perform this exceptional service (unless he quits his job), because House Mercere wants him stationed in the Mercere Quarter to assist Fedora.
I am not creating blockades, I am creating challenges. Carmen is willing to fast track him if she can be convinced of a good reason why.
It is a Story Hook :smiley:

Of course, of course, we certainly BELIEVE you :mrgreen:

Ok, I've been meaning to ask. What is this?

so if she takes the region virtue for her lab, it goes to size:3... am I correct that will also take her aura from 3 to 5 within that (uncontrolled) region?

Who says that he has to quit his job? Better say that he has to renegotiate the terms ... Getting Lucas at Andorra in the long term might be worth losing him to Sa Dragonera in the short term.

Also, as far as services go, he's serving to make House Mercere happy by having their chosen fellow taking care of their issues. Consider him House Mercere Liaison. (Okay, I know that as Herald, that's probably in Fedora's line of work. But given Andorra's connection to House Mercere, maybe it's worth having a dedicated liaison with them.)

Just my thoughts...

First, the Regio virtue is required for your lab (in addition to Gateway and Thoroughfare) for sanctums in the Baelric Islands . It will NOT change the aura at all. The aura of the Regio that your sanctum and lab starts at is 1, and can be modified to a 2 with the Moderate Aura personal boon or to a 3 with the Strong Aura personal boon. That is as high as you can take it.

Also, and this has nothing to do with what Lucas thinks, I (as a player) think that it would be awfully fun to be out in the Sa Dragonera extension for a while.

Besides, I have a great idea for a Sa Dragonera sanctum.

You can also just work out of your island lab and produce all Fedora wants you to produce, and just don't mention anything to your House.
I should mention that Fedora has a Lab, or one assigned to her. She has no immediate use for it, I figure it would e used by visiting Mercere magi such as yourself. Or she could uber specialize for Teaching and cur everything else down to a minimum or out altogether.
I bring this up because you two could link the covenant Mercere Lab and a Sa Dragonera lab together with a portal or a transportation device of some kind (a teleportation booth?)

Isn't a portal pretty heavy-duty magic? I'm not sure we could manage it. But I like the idea.

You can pay someone to cast a spell every year or hire contractors to instal a permanent one. You can also learn a Rego Corpus spell or craft/purchase such a device.