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Which sheet do familiars go in?

I think they go on the companion sheet.

Actually I found scribes and academics on my own drive. I don't know if anyone else uses them,
but scribes: ... edit#gid=0
and academics: ... =143569090

I want to deeply apologize for my negligence as of late. Being a managing chef now, it is a lot of work and a little overwhelming. But I love it. This is still very new to me, and I will be able to re-balance my life. Please be patient.

All good. Congrats.

So Marko asked a question in a locked thread.

Anyway Silveroak locked it I think. I mean maybe someone else did, but he's the mod for that forum. Click my link and look carefully. Its a post in Silveroak's game. Its looking like you've entered into the twilight zone.Whoouuuooo. And Its spreading.

[spoiler]I think the forum glitched somehow.[/spoiler]

and it appears I cannot remove his response, which suggests it is somehow in a different forum...
nor can I reply to the version that copied here...
or unlock it, or reply in my own forum...

So, I have a confession to make. I suffer from periodic depression. Unfortunately, a bout has hit me recently, and I'm doing all I can to keep home and work running smoothly. As soon as I get this under control, I should be back here more regularly. I apologize for any trouble by absence is causing.

Marko is a super user. He often posts from his phone. In my experience he sometimes mixes things up. He once edited a post I made in my game forum to include actions for his character, as opposed to replying.

I believe the original mistake was mine- I made the post "global" thinking it would be a category within my own forum (because who codes a forum so that someone with admin privileges in one forum could post to all of them?) now I don't know why I cannot unlock or reply or edit the thread in my own forum now, or if that in any way relates to Marko posting on it...

Mister Link is correct. I am a bumbler with secret tricks. I have also made that Global mistake in the past. If you check now, you will see my comment is removed.

No worries. I have similar problems sometimes. I have been slow paced as of late because of new job duties.

Take all the time you need sir, it's not causing any trouble. Cheers!

Be as strong as you can. You're not alone, and we're here for you.

(Fellow fighter against the darkness.)

Some music to cheer you up :smiley:

I want to get things motivated again. I am fitting better into my new groove and I want to see who is still with me in what capacity. And with my latest paycheck, enjoying my prosperity, I just downloaded a $#!+ ton of Ars Magica books. Apprentices, Antagonists, City & Guild, Faeries, Through the Aegis, and Rival Magic.
So that is six. We now know that one $#!+ ton equals six.

So what can we do with these and what else should I pick up that you guys are interested in exploring?

They're darn good books. TtA particularly. Which ones don't you have?

On my wishlist I have: Magi of Hermes, Art & Academe, Hermetic Projects, Houses of Hermes (old copy is wrecked), Sancuary of Ice (old copy also wrecked), The Cradle & The Crescent, Iberia (because I want a digital copy even though I have two paper copies), Land of Fire & Ice (lost my original), Dies Irae, Stormrider, & Return of the Stormrider (never owned them, very curious).
I have all the Realm books now, all the House books, a few tribunals, and other stuff.

My favourites from that list are Magi of Hermes and Hermetic Projects, both for the new spells and magic theory-ish material.
I've purchased all 5e as pdfs, with a few real versions when I knew I'd like them. My 4e set almost all the line, and then 3&2nd scratchy. Now that a lot of the early edition material is available in PDF my old print copies are a little less rare. Remembering what is in what book and all the content is hard.

I think A&A is a great background book to understand how things work in ME. Sancuary of Ice is one of my favorite Tribune book. Hermetic Projects and Magi of Hermes are two books I will keep revisiting for ideas and spells.

I have Stormrider in my basement. Not sure about Return of Stormrider. I'll have a look.