Generic characters topic

Submit your own or discuss other people's. Here's mine:
YUKIONNA (Japanese snow maiden): Uses (is a) Supernatural Creature type. Because they are both seductive and intimidating, the +5 goes to MIND. Shticks could be Transformation (human female), Blast (Ice), and a couple of ice/snow based shticks (derived from existing creature shticks) that can be removed by a Blast (Fire) stunt, but otherwise work like Foul Spew gluttinous goo and slippery slime (she also doesn't create these effects by barfing).

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of this thread. You want generic GMCs, or are you looking for generic archetypes that aren't really covered by the existing archetypes?

Sounds interesting.

[color=darkblue]Darrin, from Tulmkohr's example, it looks like he wants to share samples of NPCs, not new archetypes. And it looks like brand-new NPCs, not experienced ones, although I think that would be interesting too.

I think I'll come up with an NPC using Hardware schticks, since that's not been done too much...

I may have been vague about my purpose because I didn't want to be restrictive (other than my specifying generic to avoid getting specific individuals in large quantities). People can submit any they find interesting enough to show others
In my case I had one where I had to be creative with the existing shticks. I could add one where I need to be even more creative: The Yukionna could get a damage immunity shtick that nerfs magical or mundane cold (in itself it doesn't seem to unbalance the rules, but custom damage immunities could become a problem).

You are a member of a sorcerous Secret Society; though they go by numerous names, they all have a similar cell-based structure that attempts to keep their numbers and strength hidden, while maximizing their political and social influence. You know the world is hostile to magic, and so you practice the Art in secret. Your group has long been opposed to, and by, the Lodge, though their true nature is NOT common knowledge among your brethren. It is known that they hate magicians, and that they cannot use magic themselves (though they often command those who do).

Any, but most often 1850 or Modern Juncture
Base stats as per Magic Cop
Skills: Info/Occult +7, Guns +5 (Max 12), Sorcery +8 (=13), Leadership or Seduction +3 (Player's Choice), 8 other skill bonuses (max 4 to any one skill), may replace Guns with Martial Arts if you wish.

Schticks: Divination, Fertility and Summoning

Unique Schticks:
Native Caster--you can ignore the penalty (if any) to Sorcery of your home Juncture only.
Do As Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law--You may burn a temporary Magic point to undo any Schtick effect that would control or influence your thoughts or emotions. This is a 0-shot action. GMCs may also use this to resist mundane attempts at control or intimidation. Once done, you are immune to further uses of that particular form of influence for the remainder of the scene.

Rich Lifestyle
1 Pistol or Dagger (depending on whether you took Guns or Martial Arts, accordingly)