Gentlewoman vs. Temporal Influence for a noble's wife?

Hi all, I am trying to find out what the consensus of the forum is about the correct virtue(s) to model the beloved wife of a powerful noble - someone who does not control land herself or stand to inherit from her husband (though she might become temporarily a regent for an infant son), but is still a noble and has the ear of her husband.

Temporal Influence?



Something else?

Dependents: husband? :smiley:

As I would play it, Gentlewoman would define here place in society. She is a noblewoman and has social standing in that right, but with Gentlewoman alone she doesn't have any real power. Temporal Influence would mean she has some practical ability to influence events in the mundane world.

As a noblewoman with the ear of her husband, and assuming her husband is the local authority, I think Gentlewoman and Temporal Influence sound right.