Ghost busting

So say you have a ghost.....if you know where the body is and give him a proper Xtian burial will the ghost go away?

I would say this:

Does it benefit the story?

Seriously... if the ghost is motivated by revenge, then such a burial may do nothing. If the ghost is restless because something was stolen, then it still may do nothing.

But if the ghost wants his body to be buried properly, well, then that might just do the trick...

I say make the condition for dismissing the ghost dependent on what you need it to be, not just a stock "this always gets rid of the ghost" solution...


A ghost is "dispelled" when the driving thing that keeps it tied to Mythic Europe is fulfilled. That might be as simple as having his body buried, or a promise that you will bring flowers to his beloved's tomb. Or might be as complicated as having to see the Wyrm of the Pyrenees slain by a 3 year old wielding a newt as his only weapon. For less extreme cases, revenge or achieving a certain target fulfillment is what usually can dispel a ghost. No need to have a relation with being properly buried at all. I doubt that a Viking ghost would be dispelled by a Christian burial :slight_smile:


Damn traitorous newt.