Gift of vigor, tethered casting... a good example for creatively abusing rules. :smiling_imp:

or doing it into an item your grogs in your covenants are wearing, activated by a sound you can do (because you have an arcane connection to it).

Rules may be abused... that's why there is SGs.

Actually the "item" version won't work - as it would have to transfer energy from theitem* rather than from the grogs.

If you rule it that way, just initiate awakening, put it into the bond...

We are not missing ways to do it :smiley:

I'm not saying that it can't be done, or even that it should not be done, just that the most obvious way (the magic item) does not work.
The familiar bond works, and in fact it's been a "standard" familiar bond power since 3rd edition.
Awakening ... isn't that the ability to create animae -- essentially faeries, from HoH:MC?

That's animae.
Awakening is more turning normal things into might being.

Ok so just enchant the Grog with gift of vigor.