Gifted Children?

2 questions - how early can the gift be detected in a child? From birth (if you were sitting there with an InVi spell or something) or only after they've learnt how to socialise (poorly)?

And then how are Gently Gifted children detected? Most Magi seem to be noticed when people complain about their eeries and unnatural ways and shun them, but a Gently Gifted person exhibits no such ostracism - could there be many more Gently Gifted peasants out there that quite simply no one has detected yet as they dont stand out in any way?

(theres a thought - 50% of the peasants in Mythic Europe are actually Gentle Gifts - it just that no existing Magi ever bothers to magically detect that and rely on finding a few mutants whose Gift causes social loathing)


Since the Gift is part of someone's essential nature, I would rule it could be detected at birth.

As far a the Gentle Gift, just because a person's gift doesn't freak the populace out, they still could:

  1. Make friends with all the animals, even the mean ones.
  2. Show extraordinary abilities with a mundane skill, they somehow "improve with magic" without knowing it.
  3. Maybe they make things move,etc., but since the Gift is gentle, they don't freak people out. However, even though I may "like" you, if you make the dishes in my house fly through the air when you get mad, you'll still make me cautious of you.

Generally speaking those with the Gift, even a Gentle Gift, are a little odd. They are, after all, born with an insight and talent that allows them to control the fundemental forces of Magic. This will give them a different outlook on the world. Look for the curious child, the odd child, the child wandering the moors or unafraid of the dark. Most especially, look for the youth who is able to work those little magics that the Gift can develop on their own. Anyone with a Supernatural Ability might actually have the Gift, albeit one manifesting only in a limited way.

I might suggest that many Gentle Gifted children might only be discovered later in life, and after having developed a non-Hermetic magical ability of their own. On the other hand, Gifted and Blatently Gifted children might be discovered and taken as apprentices early in life (which won't help their socialization skills at all).

Some things never change :wink:

When magi need apprentice, they just invent vision version of the spell described in HMRE and goes into major cities. :smiley:

One school of thought, from early versions of House Jerbiton, says that all people are Gifted and that the lack of capacity of training is a flaw of Bonisagus's theory of magic.

And in 3rd edition, I think they'd have been correct! :smiley:

Story wise, I hate just using the whole "Vision-range detect magic" kind of spells to detect the gift.

Better stories in finding the wierd kid who nobody likes, or the one who speaks to animals or the one famous for his green thumb.

I'd reward those who go about things this way, generating neat stories and putting themsevles into the community, with a better apprentice than someone who just T: Visioned it. (In part by allowing the player to provide input into the sort of apprentice they'd want.)

I love those magi. Scrying is such an easy infraction to commit.


Good news, everyone! I've confirmed that the child of the Lord Mayor is in fact Gifted! And His Worshipfulness is prepared to part with the child!


One small problem!


It was actually a Tytalus Magus spying! And I blew his cover!


And now his covenant has declared wizards war on us, and the our carefully cultivated alliances for next year's Tribunal are in tatters as Tribunal politics spirals into chaos!


But, hey, the spell to detect Gifted Children definately works! ^^

We often make than children, even gentle gifted, with affinity or puissant may use inadvertantly and without knowing that specially developped art :
I had a little one, who was unknowingly using her high capacity in mentem to make people giving her money to eat
Another one burnt his room as he was very angry
My Flambeau, who is flame dancer blooded create unvoluntarily fire in the house while making love...

Oooh, hot!


Or, like some aspects of "essential nature" that do not manifest until puberty*, it may not be so, remaining undetectable until the child matures (depending on the exact nature (small "n") of the Gift). As a SG, I prefer not to paint myself into a corner with hard "always does/never does" rulings, and whenever reasonable to create a "...There are several schools of thought..." environment to keep all options open for different story lines, for myself and co-SG's. (Same with "How do demons/ghosts/undead/faeries work?" questions, etc.)

I think this would be one of those times. The only concern is that the game-world not be self-contradictory, and "It is not perfectly understood" usually covers that best.

(* Is it within the "essential nature" of a healthy newborn to bear/sire children? Ymmv...)

Or Hearing - in a crowded environment, in a city with walls, it's often easier to hear a small child than spot them, especially through a shuttered window or behind a garden wall. Or just Touch, to personally verify a suspected Gift.

But it's not easy - InVi Base 5, +2 Sun, +4 Sight = Lvl 35 - not something that is going to be easily spont'ed, nor invented without some dedication in that direction. Anything less than Level 30 (Sun, Hearing) means that it's only going to be used when the Gift is suspected - and we're back to first finding those suspects the old-fashioned way.

But it's the same with any spell that "solves" a common problem - flying solves travel, invisibility solves sneaking, illusions solve anonymity, etc. etc. Yet none of those "solutions" are foolproof (far from!). A mage should be able to do "powerful stuff", and not expect punishment from the Dungeon Master just because they can take a shortcut within their arcane specialty.

And even then, not every Gifted child is apprentice-worthy, and telling the difference is often a bigger challenge (and headache!) than finding one to begin with. The flaw can be in the Gift, or in their personality - destroying an apprentice can be a great storyline in itself (tho' I, for my style of SG'ing, would be cautious which Player I hit with that particular club, and would make sure to balance that lost effort with some major carrot.)

In the end, it's still 100% up to the SG, and all about what makes the best story, for the Saga, for the Troupe and for that Player and Character. Sometimes, a Player is far less interested in RP'ing the finding of the apprentice than in the challenges of training/molding them - and that's where the perceptive SG should handwave the first part and focus on the interaction between Parens and Apprentice.

Not if you allow forceless casting.

But even then, it's also not guaranteed that "victim" would notice - having the PC stress about the possibility of censure might be more fun than hitting them with it.

And even then, most Tribunals (and most magi?) recognize (and usually acknowledge) accidental scrying as less offensive than deliberate - it's the difference between an accidental foul and an intentional one - the former gets you a penalty, but usually only the latter can get you ejected from the game. :wink:

But doesn't one suffer from the adverse social affects of the Gift even if they haven't tapped it? If everyone had the Gift wouldn't that mean that everyone would be suspicious and hateful towards everyone else?

Actually now that I think about it maybe that isn't so far-fetched :smiley:


The Great Discord (The Church , page 42):