Gifts between Peers

I just realised that I may be under a misapprehension, as I can't seem so to find references where I thought they were.

In medieval Europe, I thought Kings and Popes exchanged gifts to each other's coronation. The tradition sort of extends to today - graduation gifts, superbowl rings, etc
I was thinking that when House ex Miscellanea joined the OoH, Pralix got promoted to the rank of Founder, therefore the rest of the Founders gave her gifts for her "coronation"
Would I be wrong ?

Pralix didn't ever rejoin the Order after founding the Ordo Miscellanea (see HoH:S p.126 History) - even after it joined the Order as Ex Miscellanea. So there was no "coronation" ceremony of making her a Founder either.

Many Ex Miscellanea might see her disappearance in 863 as the parting gift of Hermetic magi hostile to her.

I might also have been influenced by the fact that ex Misc joined the OoH after a major diplomatic effort.

A major diplomatic effort, prior to which quite a few people in the OoH were ready to March her.
There was probably way too much bad will against her at that time for anyone to give her any gifts.

I am still trying to work out why I think Magi (at least established high rank Magi) exchange ceremonial gifts.

Tokens of respect?

Holdovers from days before Parma Magica where it was dangerous to meet face to face?

My best guess is that you are on some level drawing upon a key feature of indo-european culture.

Namely mutual gift giving and public displays of generosity (public gift-giving). These rituals are ancient and even today feature in various ways in the successor cultures.

It seems reasonable, given that the vast majority of magi are from indo-european cultures that they would subscribe to a similar style of thinking.

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And vigourously upheld by House Jerbiton, just because it is the right thing to do!