Gigas spring 1196

Boustaphon has begun teaching Tasos the technique of leadworking this season, and Tasos has taken some piece of unfinished work back to his room, whether by accident or enthusiasm. At midnight, when he is still awake, a blue mist emerges from the work, which included some bones a hunter had found in the forest as a practice arcane connection to something dead... the mist is not behaving naturally, and you can hear whispers in a language you do not know...

Unsure of what is occuring with the mist, he decides to moderately distances himself from the mist and call out to it in Ancient Greek.

When he calls to it the mist gets louder and drifts closer to him.

As the mist approaches and his second sight adjusts from sleep, Tasos sees the shape of an old woman in the mist, her limbs broken and twisted into horrific and presumably painful contortions, her naked body covered in blood and filth. she seems to be shouting at tasos, but in truth can barely be heard in that language he does not recognize.

Tasos gives a ghastly shriek and runs back to the foot of the door. With the preservation of his relationship with his master in mind, Tasos readies himself to attempt and dash past the woman and grab the unfinished work.

The woman's head snaps as he dashed to the door, giving the twin impressions that her neck is broken and that she can't actually see him somehow. She begins shambling towards where he ran however, pulling the mist with her as she remains between him and the unfinished work, approaching him in jerks and lunges.

Tasos, recognizing the opportunity by the woman's apparent blindness, attempts to silently move his way towards a corner of the room away from the door, trying his best to stifle his breath.

You try to shuffle quietly to one side with your breath muffled, and soon find the woman staring into your face with her empty bloody eye sockets as you smell the rank odor of decay upon her non existant breath. You realize, disjointedly, that while you smell her disgusting breath, you do not feel it, if anything the only thing you actually feel is a sense of cold.

Tasos, upon the realization of the mists lack of physical presence, stops holding back his breath and starts a mad dash towards the unfinished work, flailing his arms all the while.

As you dash through the figure the cold seems to focus and become almost a tangible thing pulling heat from your body. a total of 8 damage from the cold, but you are now at the unfinished work, the entity spins around and lurches in your direction.

Tasos attempts to grab the unfinished work and throw it out the door.

You grab the unfinished work, but the bedroom door is closed.

Tasos, in a moment of panic and fear, attempts to throw the unfinished work outside the window.

The lead pot with the embedded bone and inscription on it bounces off the mica window and falls to the bed. the spirit however follows the motion and is searching for you on the bed now.

Tasos once again goes for the unfinished lead pot and readies himself to go for the door.

creeping, lunging? What approach are you taking at this point?

Tasos is quite frazzled at this point so I'll go with a lunge.

As you dash for the bed the woman lashes out and hits you with another 9 cold damage, but you get to the bed and grab the pot.

Tasos, holding the pot to his chest with one hand, now attempts to make an escape out the door as fast as he can.

as he dashes past the ghost again she lashes out for another 13 cold damage, tasos gets to the hall with two medium and one heavy wound (current penalty of -7 for wounds), and the spirit turns to pursue him.