Give Blessing & Parma

Were a Pictish sorcerer to join the Order and learn Parma Magica, could they devise a Give Blessing spell that grants skill with such in others, even mundanes?

It's known they could bestow Gruarach magic to mundanes (limited to rank 4), but what other magic could be bestowed to such?

A mundane can easily read a book about Parma for a few seasons and then go teach a Gifted person what they've learned. A mundane with a Parma score just can't make use of the Parma.

What's the basis for saying a mundane person can't make use of Parma? Parma is an Arcane ability, meaning it's restricted based on Virtues, or to magi. A mundane could make use of Parma Magica, if they knew the secret to it. I've always rationalized that Parma books exist, because the secret of Parma Magica isn't in the book, and is instead something that can be passed from master to apprentice about 30 seconds after they take the oath...

Thanks. Although, I remember reading a story seed about a lost book on Parma Magica, and my memory seems to think there was an implication that it could be used by the readers, who I don't recall being Gifted... No idea where I read it, though.

I am not 100% getting the purpose of ignoring the context of my question being solely Gruarach (sp?) Magic and going straight to books.

My point is that unGifted Gruagachan can exist; you don't need the Gift to make Gruagachan abilities work. An unGifted character with a Parma score of 4, by my interpretation, wouldn't be able to use the skill.

So, are you asking if Parma Magica is different than others in that it can't be transferred via Give Blessing? IMO, no. But, I think it's important to recognize that the secret of Parma Magica, how to activate it more, so to speak, requires having the Gift (as has been pointed out) and also some secret that is undefined within the setting, but it's suggested that it happens at the end of apprenticeship, perhaps even at or around the time of the gauntlet. And that while apprentices gain exposure in Parma Magica, they can't properly use it until they have that secret.

In regards to the second half of my question, what magic can be granted to a mundane with Give Blessing?

Can Give Blessing be used to bestow Transformed (Being) with a set of Inferiorities and corresponding qualities?