Giving an item sight

As per ArM5, p.112 an independent item needs sight as a InIm effect in order to use Sight range in its effects. What's the appropriate effect?

InIm 19
(Base 1, +2 Sun, +4 Vision, +4lvl constant effect)

Does that seem right? Also in this case the item has a penetration of 0 and thus could not perceive beings with Magic Resistance.

Edit: Fixed page reference.

That looks right, to me.


I think it'd perceive them just fine. The effect is detecting the "Iconic species" emitted by the entity, not the entity itself.

If the effect were designed to detect something about the entity itself (such as if it were designed to detect beings with the Gift at Target Sight), then it would need to penetrate.

By the RAW, it does need to penetrate, I'm afraid.

That said, for my own sagas, I'd be prepared to waive that as it's just too cool not to.

Are you sure?
I thought Emirikol stated it correctly by the book...

I know, I assumed so too. But then I worked on Hermetic Projects and there's a device effect in there that uses the Vision Target, so I had to gen up on that point.

As I say, I don't think a degree of per-saga hand-waving will do any harm, but it does make for an interesting trade-off/limitation.

In my copy of the 5th edition rules, p122 is sample spells regarding Intellego Aquam and Muto Aquam spells. I am somewhat puzzled.

I am guessing everyone else knows the rules which is being referred to so well they they can answer without checking the precise wording, but I have misremembered what the rules actually say often enough that I try to check each time just to be sure. Can someone give me a better page reference? Thanks

Sorry, typo, my bad. It's page 112 (under the description of Sight range). Fixed it in the OP. Thanks for pointing it out.