Giving away old Ars Magica material

Hey guys,

my roleplaying days are over. I haven't played for many years, but I have many, many fond memories. Ars Magica is my all-time favourite out of a long list of systems I've played.

I'm about to move to another house and decided - with a heayv heart - to part from my old Ars Magica books. They have been printed late 80s and 90s. I can't bring it over me to throw them away. Would anyone be interested in a bunch of books (maybe 20 or so, haven't looked through all the boxes yet)? Just to be clear, they are all for older versions of Ars Magica. Almost all are in good or decent quality.

It's not about the money! They actually have a lot of sentimental value for me. I would like the idea that someone can make use of them. So a small price or just the money to send the box (I live in Germany) would be sufficient.

If someone is basically interested I can give the full list of books here. But I don't want to give them away seperately (too much effort). Is there a collector here that might be interested?

Thanks, Alex

As some of you requested a list of the material, here's a photo:

29 items in total.

That's a nice little collection there. Hope someone takes you up on the offer; some useful and interesting pieces.

The shipping to Australia would be ridiculous, so I can't get them sent here, but I'd be happy to help chip in to get them, say, shipped to CJ so he can hand them out as prizes at Grand Tribunal 2017...

I would love to have all of those. It would replace so much of what I have lost due to floods and illegal evictions and the general adventures of my life.
What would be the cost to ship to Chicago? The cheapest flying duck and donkey carriage available.

Tough call Alex, sorry to hear a fellow gamer throw in the towel. Sweet collection, although I've already got most of it and not really a collector.
What is the total weight of the collection and what size box would it fit in? Such data might be useful for people considering taking the offer but need to know the shipping cost.

As a fellow German I'd be interested as well. :wink: But if Mark is willing to pay the required fare (which in my experience isn't gonna be that cheap), he did call dibs first. I'd be particularly interested in the scenarios and some of the tribunal books (A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Tempest, A Winter's Tale, Twelfth Night, Black Death, Lion of the North, Iberia), but I'd also glady take the whole bunch and distribute them among our enthusiastic Ars Community around Tübingen (longest running game going on 8 years now).

I weighed the books and the total is around 14 kg. They are currently stored in a box 40x35x35 cm and I think that would be a good one to send it in.

So you guys do the math and let me know who is still interested.

Toa, I live near Augsburg. Just in case you want to pick them up and have a coffee or so while doing that :slight_smile:

Hey Marko, what a coincidence! I will be flying to Chicago next Wednesday! But the box is much too heavy to take with me on the plane.

I'll give it a thought if it comes to it. :slight_smile: But for now I'll give Mark a chance to voice his opinion on this matter. As far as I can tell from the website of the Deutsche Post and the specifications Alex gave, sending a package of this size to the US would cost 68,99€ (about $78). Can't seem to find any other options to ship it that would turn out cheaper.

I may have to step aside for someone who is more able to afford shipping. I will be tight for the next two weeks at least.