glamour illusions and sense of touch

A minor technical issue (a curiosity, more than anything else, but since I'm supposed to be assistant SG in charge for rule issues advice...) that grew out of last night's play...

If I use a glamour illusion, does it automatically affect other kind of senses, such as touch, as a consequence of the illusion being real and solid, without raising the magnitude of the spell, or not ?

I explain the situation: we LoHC to Badgad in order to search for our enemies' covenant and since we were obviously Europeans of northern stock, we used MuIm to camouflage ourselves as Arabs. We used spont spells to affect sight, hearing, and touch. Since we could have used Glamour illusions instead of normal ones, had we done it, would the "solid" illusion spell had automatically affect sense of touch, or not ? We went seeking out some courtesans to find clues, and my lusty character had some carnal congress while there, so I wonder what would happened had I used a different kind of illusion.

Glamour affects all five senses, including sensations that are not typically emitted by illusionary objects (solidity, weight, and temperature). For the duration of the spell, the illusion is effectively real.