Gloom 2nd Edition

Gloomy greetings to all,

So, I finally bought a copy of Gloom this weekend and now I see there's a 2nd edition coming out? Do we know when and do I need to buy the base game all over again?

Many thanks,


Hi there! Gloom 2nd edition features a light redesign or rewrite of some cards, mostly for clarification, but also to include some of the new symbols & turn-taking notes from some of the expansions. The core game won't be all that different; you can freely mix cards from old and new sets if you want, with the caveat that some of the backs might look a little different because of the new print run. Also, the box is sturdier and it's not as easy to simply have all the cards fly out the side when you're carrying it in a backpack.

We think the changes are sufficient enough to constitute a second edition, but like many new editions of games, the differences aren't enough to require you to buy it again unless your old set is worn out (or you like buying new editions of games.)