[GLOOM] a question

so i was invited to a friend's house to do some board gaming. it was the first time i had seen or played gloom. it was great, especially making up a story as you play along.

during the game we ran into a slight problem.(sorry i do not remember exactly what cards were played) p1 played a modifier card on one of his family members. the card gave p1 a high negative point, the card also stated that when played the player loses their next turn. now p2 goes and plays a card that allows them to switch modifiers from one of their family members with one of another player's family members. in this case p2 swapped out modifiers with p1's family member with the miss your next turn card on it.

what is the right play here?

we played it as it was stated on the card. the player in this case p1 played the negative modifier which caused them to lose their next turn. i think this is probably the right answer but i wanted to clarify it in case it happens again.

in the rules i recall it mentioning the player with the text showing gets the positive or negative effects of the card. in this case that would mean p2 would miss their next turn. since the card is now face up in front of them.

Gloom uses three kinds of effects: Continuous, Immediate, and Persistent (though you won't encounter Persistent effects unless you're using expansions).

Immediate effects use the phrasing "when this card is played" - as in, "Skip your next turn after this card is played." This is an INSTANT effect that is triggered in the moment the card is played from someone's hand. It doesn't matter if the card is subsequently covered, and it isn't triggered again if the card is moved from one character to another by an event or modifier effect.

Continuous effects use the phrasing "while this text shows." These are ongoing but only as long as the card is on the top of the stack. So "Your draw limit is increased by one while this text shows" will work for you if you use an event to move it to your character, but only if it's on top.

Which means that the perfect way to play one of those big-negative-score-miss-your-next-turn cards is to play it on an opponent, and then use A Tragic Misunderstanding to move it to one of your characters.

thanks kieth, i thought that it would be p1's turn that would be skipped since it was an immediate card that was played.

You said this is an INSTANT effect. If I play this card on my first play, do I skip my second play?