[Gloom] A Stormy Night Effect Dilemma

Hello everyone!
First of all, thank you for such an interesting game, Atlas Games!

Here is my question- could anyone clarify the meaning of the "Stormy Night"card text, please? Me and my friedns are arguing about it´s meaning.
It says "Draw four cards. Play one card, then discard until you reach your current draw limit."

Which cards should I discard?
Does it mean, that I draw 4 cards into my hand, then play one of these four cards and then discard the other three cards?
Or does it mean, that I draw 4 cards into my hand, then play any card from my hand (these 4 cards included) and then discard any cards from my hand (including the drawn cards) until I have 5 cards (or my modified draw limit) in my hands?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

I believe you would draw four cards, play one of the four, and then discard down to your draw.

Hi there. The card text doesn't specify that it has to be selected from the new cards, so the played card and the discarded ones could be ANY card in your hand, including both old and new ones.