Gloom - Action response cards

Assume the following has happened

Player 1 plays an untimely death
Player 2 plays a mystery which prevents an untimely death

Can player 1 play a cancel event card?


Player 1 plays an untimely death
Player 2 plays an event card which prevents an untimely death
Player 1 plays a cancel event card
Can player 2 play a second cancel event card to cancel the cancel event?

Does this exceed the number of cards played in a turn, if the cards are being played as a response?

Hi there.

A Mystery is not an Event ... they're two different card types, so a card that cancels an Event can't be used to cancel a Mystery.


There isn't really a limit to the number of cards that can be played in a turn ... just the number of plays a player gets on that turn. As long as the extra cards are response-type cards, you're fine.

Just to add my two cents. The Mystery that prevents an untimely death should have already been played onto the Residence on one of Player 2's previous turns. It has a special ability that allows you to discard it to prevent an untimely death--of course it would have to be on top so that you could see the text. The reason the distinction is important is that there is an Event card that allows you to cancel a card as it is being played. That card would not cancel the discard of the mystery, because technically it is not being played.

Just a quick note from someone who plays with a bunch of rules lawyers.