[Gloom] anybody use card sleeves?

i just purchased the core Gloom game today. ( very excited !! ) 8) i'm already planning to get an expansion.

the cards are beautiful and very unique... but they do feel a little fragile. very thin, bendy and seem easy to scratch. actually i saw some very tiny tiny horizontal lines on the cards as soon as i took them out of the wrapper. perhaps from the manufacturing process? oh well no big deal. i love these cards and plan to get more.

anyhoo, i ordered some clear card sleeves and was wondering if anyone plays the game with sleeves.


ok, i now recieved the card sleeves and played a game. the cards look great in the sleeves and i'm more comfortable handling the cards because now i don't have to worry about them getting scratched from months (or years) of playing. the card sleeves i got are clear (no solid backs or pictures) but it does get harder to see the bottom character card as more cards get stacked. although its not bad at all actually. the sleeve size i got is 2 5/8" X 3 5/8" so it fits pretty well. they are clear polypropylene, acid free - no pvc, ultra clear. the brand i got are "ultra-pro".

-the cards are now protected

-the sleeves are REALLY slippery so be careful stacking cards (they will literally fly away.) :open_mouth: LOL
-the cards are now just a bit less translucent but not too bad that i can't play the game
-the sleeves actually accumulate finger grease much easier than the bare cards do so i suggest cleaning hands before play
-the cards now won't fit in the card cases that i had, so i bought "dragon skin" boxes because they are big enough to fit sleeved cards.

even though there are more cons than pros, i still prefer the cards sleeved. i now feel this game will last me years.


Must admit I think I'd rather just buy a spare set if I was worried about scratching them.
They're pretty slippery as they are - and can be hard to see through when you end up with a stack of 6 or 8.
I'm off to buy unfortunate expeditions now. What more could anyone want than another family to kill off!

I only put colored back sleves on the families which looked cool.


I have aquired the Cthulhu Gloom a few days ago, and I'm curious if I should buy protecting sleeves for them. I usually buy sleeves for my card games but I love the translucent plastic cards, and I'm somehow against in covering them.

My question is for those who didn't use sleeves but used the game regularly:

Did the cards stay sound (unscratched) ? I'm worried about the printing too.