Gloom came with 20 family cards... Only 2 families

Is this what's meant to happen? Or should I be getting the standard 4 families?

If the latter is true, can I get them sent to me or something?

Hi - looks like you received a mis-packaged deck. Sometimes the printer accidentally puts two of the same deck in the box, instead of the two different decks that should be there. Besides missing half the families, you should find that you have duplicates of all the other cards in your deck (and are missing half of those that you should have as well).

We'll be happy to get you the deck you're missing. (We may not have the deck you need right at the moment, since we've sold out of the game. Jess tells me that she has a bunch of one of the decks but not the other. If you need the deck we don't have right now, we'll still be able to get it to you after we receive the reprint in early August.)

The way to get your missing deck is to go to the Atlas front page, click on "Contact Atlas," and then click on the "Click to Contact Atlas" image in the left column. This pops up a window, where you should choose "Missing/Damaged Game Parts" and follow the instructions to give us the info we need to take care of you.

Thanks for buying Gloom, and for giving us the chance to fix this problem!


a quick question here. I have the same problem (but the other two families though - want to trade? :wink: ) and I am from Germany. Since I bought the game from a retailer, who sent me another package (with the same doubling issue), are you guys taking care of that issue too or do I have to ask my retailer to contact you to fix that?

In my support request, I did not know that there was a whole half of the deck that is missing - I just stated that I missed the two families. Is that a problem in any way?

Kind regards from Germany

Hi there, Gholan. Sorry for the trouble, and we're happy to help. Our support person tells me that she has your support request, and received your email that you need the whole deck. It should be going out early next week.

I also ran into the same issue, receiving duplicate copies of Blackwater Watch and Dark's Den of Deformity. For those out of the know, who do we reach to get on the fix-list?

Again, the way to handle any missing/damaged game issue is to use our contact form:

I am glad to have found this forum because I had a problem with it also. I am getting ready to head over and check out the thread on what to do, thank you.

I'm going to post the link to our missing/damaged support form as an announcement on the card games forum, for easier access ... thanks to everyone here for making me think of it!

I've had experienced the similar problem, but where's the link now? We need to fix this as soon as possible.

Here's Michelle's post:

and the link she mentions: