Gloom Card Text Question

I have recently bought the gloom game plus the 3 expansions. I have found answers to some of the questions i have regarding the correct interpretation of the card texts. Looking for a little more clarity on two cards in particular.

  1. Suspicious departure (Event Card) "you may discard this card and a guest attached to your family to cancel the effects of any card played, The guest is removed from the game."
    There have been different interpretations of the text with my groups of friends. One friend wanted to play it even though there was not a guest attached to his family.. but we agreed he could not. The next question became what is considered an effect? I argued that an effect was a one time action caused by playing a card such as an event or a modifier that for example has you discard. now the question is can it cancel the effects such as your draw limit is increased or reduced while the text shows? or can it be used to stop someone from getting a free play (playing an untimely death if a symbol is present)? Can it be used to cancel a bonus on an untimely death card? can this card be used to cancel the play of an untimely death, modifier or mystery card?

  2. Was spoiled by spooks (modifier) "while this character is alive you may discard an untimely death to cancel an event whenever one is played" so there are less questions regarding this effect. Does discard mean from your hand, from a dead character, or both?

Thanks you for the help

May your day be as cheery as rainclouds and graveyards

I would have to say no it wouldn't work on cards already in play, only cards with effects being played.

The Untimely Death would have to come from your hand. You would need other cards to re-animate a dead character.

Just my two cents.

okay thanks,

but what kind of effects can it stop? I assume it can stop immediate effects such as draw or discard two cards. can it stop continuous effects such as while this text shows your draw limit is decreased by one?

You are misquoting the Suspicious Departure card. It says "You may discard this card and a Guest attached to your family to cancel the effects of any card as it is played. The Guest is removed from the game." You are cancelling the card that is being played.