Gloom/Cthulhu Gloom Discard Question


I've rapidly become a fan of the Gloom series, after seeing the Table Top webisode featuring it. Since, I've gathered about everything Gloom-related.

However, as my friends and I are still rather new to the game, we have been arguing over the discard mechanics. More precisely, the original Gloom deck states that it is possible for each play's action to discard one card.

It states, for instance:

However, Cthulhu Gloom states the discard mechanism as working quite differently. It goes:

Now, these are both fine mechanics when played by themselves but as we're willing to experiment mixing both, I'd like to know if the Cthulhu Gloom's discard mechanic specifically requires to discard the entire hand or if it's simply stating that it is possible to discard up to this amount? If it's only the entire hand, is there any reason for this disrepancy between versions? Which rule should apply?


My apologies for letting this question go unanswered for so long.

Personally, I prefer the Cthulhu Gloom rule: As a single action, you may discard your entire hand... however, if you do so, you must discard your ENTIRE HAND. You can't pick and choose.

The point is to help players who are stuck with an entire hand full of Untimely Deaths or other unplayable cards, or to help players who never draw Untimely Deaths to get new cards.