[Gloom]Dead man's party question

I love the game but have a question about one of the cards. The card dead man's party allows you to play a modifier on a dead character. Does this card go on top or under the Untimely death card? Also, if on top, does it make you lose any points you might have gotten due to matching the story icon to the icon on the death card? Thanks for the great game.

Hi there. Yes, it goes on top, and can replace other icons and numbers below it just like normal ... that's the point, after all! :slight_smile:

I believe it also replace the text of the UD card. So even if you play a modifier without a story icon, you lose the bonus points (because the UD bonus is not visible anymore).

Likewise, if you play a modifier on top of the UD whose story icon matches your UD card, you don't gain any bonus points.