Gloom - Dead Man's Party

I am curious about how to use Dead Man's Party. The card text states, "You may play on Modifier on a dead character."

Are you allowed to play the modifier on top of the Untimely Death card? In my case, I had a positive modifier on my Untimely Death card, and I wanted to replace it with a negative modifier. This was a difference of -25 points for me and meant the difference between winning and getting second. I've never not won a game of Gloom, so I'm curious whether I really won that time. :slight_smile:

I would have to say no. The Untimely Death card remains on top. I assume you had either Was Interred in Style or Was Killed With Kindness played on you. Both have two open spots for modifiers, so you could play a Modifier card to counteract the positive pathos. If it was Died Without Cares, there is nothing you can do.

The intent is that the new Modifier goes IMMEDIATELY UNDER the Untimely Death. So it can't circumvent Untimely Deaths that add scores, like Died Without Cares.