[GLOOM] Died of Despair - Discard All Cards issue

The Untimely Death card 'Died Of Despair' has Special Effects instructions to "Discard your entire hand when this card is played." When playing a two person game (or multiplayer for that matter), if you play this card on an opponent - they must discard their entire hand. (To clarify: The rules state that the Special Effects instructions apply to the person who controls the Character to which the Modifier card is attached.)

When they discard their entire hand - and it isn't their turn - then they will begin their turn with no cards. Which would seem to mean that they cannot play, and would simply have to pass, and draw which ends their turn. It is essentially a 'skip' plus forces your opponent to start with a new hand.
This same 'skip' effect does not happen when you play it on yourself - because you get to draw at the end of your turn.
This seems inequitable and makes the 'Died of Despair' card one of the most powerful in the deckā€¦ the only redeeming effect is that it does have a +15 in the 3rd position which is fairly rare.

SO - is this too powerful ??
Should the card be modified to say - discard your entire hand and then draw up to your current limit - or up to your limit minus 1 or 2 ? This would eliminate the 'skip' effect of the card when played on an opponent.

In a two player game, I've managed to set it up where my opponent never has cards in hand at the start of their turn, thus never gets to play cards unless they luck into something that can be played off turn. This understandably makes people not want to play, so I never do it more than one turn when the setup shows itself. In your example, it is only for one turn, so I wouldn't sweat it too much.