[Gloom] - Discard Pile/Event cards and game over situations

Hi everyone,

I recently picked up a copy of Gloom having lusted after it for months (I first saw it at a friends), and we finally managed to get our first game together, using all four families.

Towards the end of the game we noticed a problem developing - due to the number of players and the heavy layering of modifier cards on each character (there were a few characters we couldn't see anymore, they'd proved so "popular"), we found that the discard pile was becoming disproportionately populated with event cards.

The ultimate position we found ourselves in was actually a stalemate - every single person had enough "counter2 style cards for preventing or undoing untimely death cards that it was impossible for any one player to kill their last family member except by, in effect, unanimous vote - there was always some way to interrupt it. And this situation kept going because these were (very nearly) the only remaining cards in the deck at this stage.

At first we thought we'd missed something in the rules, something that prevented the event cards from being cycled back round ad infinitum, and I can see from searching the forum that this clearly isn't a very common problem...

Has anyone else encountered it or were we particularly "special"? :slight_smile: How do you resolve it if you do encounter it?

My feeling was to modify the handling of event cards, so that instead of discarding them (so they can be reshuffled back in), use of an event card removes it from play (it can still be discarded normally, as part of a turn or the result of other random discard selection). This would make the event cards more valuable to hold onto, and I think the effects are powerful enough to justify it. What do you, more experienced Gloom players, think?


Your solution sounds good.

Another solution would be to have a game limit, such as terminating the game when the deck runs out, either the first time or after it has been shuffled once (or N time, you pick the N), or when a pre-set timer expires. Then the winner is the one with the best score at that point.