[GLOOM] Draw hand rules

Wasn’t sure of the appropriate forum for this as the Card Games one appears to be archived and not taking new threads.... Anyhoo, had a bit of a squabble about the following last night and I couldn’t see it mentioned in a forum search.

A player has a “Card Draw Decreased by 1” continuous effect in play. The base draw level being five, means their limit is now four. This card is later covered by a “Card Draw Increased by 1” however is their limit now five (4 plus 1) or six, because the ‘decrease card is no longer in play, so can’t take effect. I argued the latter but the other player wouldn’t let it go, insistent it should be back to five and in the end the whole game was soured for both us and the other two players! :grimacing: I just killed my family at the first opportunity to finish it.

I was of the opinion that continuous effects are only relevant for as long as they’re on show and that if both had been on two different characters, then yeah the draw limit would be back to five. Minus 1 and Plus 1.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Just to add, we were playing the base game not with any expansions

Our forum has pivoted to focus on our RPG lines, but I'm happy to address your question.

You were right, in this instance. The cardinal rule in Gloom is that whatever is showing is what counts. If points are covered, they no longer count; if card effects are covered, they no longer count. Sorry to hear the game was wrecked for you on this point, but hopefully knowing you read the rules correctly offers some consolation.