Gloom (event and death card)

OKay so I am confused when I have am event card that says take any untimely death card and use it on your own, I want to know is the character I took it from still dead or comes alive? I assume is stays dead

Usually the Event tells you where to get the Untimely Death from (mostly the discard pile). I have seen Events that let you remove an Untimely Death, but it is discarded after the removal.

This card is a to be or not to be card that says "move one untimely death from a dead character to a living character with a negative self worth"
So I think this is different to what you are saying so are both characters dead or the new character with the untimely death card the only ones that dead?
And kind of the same question for this card a second chance "as a response, cancel one untimely death as it is played or remove and discard an untimely death card from a dead character"
Okay so I get the first part the character doesn't die boom. And the second part does the dead character I take the untimely death card from stay day or alive?
Basically can a character only remain dead with an untimely death card on it?

You move the Untimely Death card from one character (now no longer deceased) to another character (now deceased). The first character got better, while the second got thumped on the head and died.

The same would be true here, if you cancel the Untimely Death, the character is no longer dead.

Thank you very much for your help

Turgul is correct.

The only thing that makes a character "dead" is the presence of an Untimely Death card at the top of the stack. If that Death Card is removed, flip the character card back over and leave all other modifiers in place; the character is now alive again, just as they were before the death was played.