Gloom-Event Card rulings

So I've been playing Gloom with a few of my friends, and it has been a blast! However, there are a couple questions I have regarding some of the Event cards.

  1. Some Event cards that involve characters sometimes don't specify if it can involve dead or living characters in their effect. Is it implied that only living characters are affected, or can the player using the Event card choose living or dead (or both)?

  2. The Event card "A Second Chance" allows me to either choose to cancel an Untimely Death as a response, or let me remove an Untimely Death from a dead character. The first option is pretty clear when you can play it, but can I use the second option as a response, or do I have to use the second option during my turn?

  3. Event cards (and Modifier effects) in the Unwelcome Guests expansion that involve the Guests are also something I'm curious about. While it's clear that it is used on Guests controlled or uncontrolled, there is no specification if the Guest has to be dead or alive. Like the first question, is it implied that the Guest must be alive, or can the player involve dead Guests?

Thank you for letting me post. Please reply.


Unless it explicitly says it can affect dead characters, it can only be used on living character.

I am not quite following you. You can play "A Second Chance" to either cancel a just played Untimely Death or to bring someone back from the dead by removing a preexisting Untimely Death.

Same answer as the first question. Unless it explicitly says it can affect dead characters, it can only be used on living character.

What I'm saying is can I revive an already dead character (the second option) using "A Second Chance" anytime I wish like a response, or does it have to be during my turn?

In that cast, you would use it as one of your plays.

Just to give the official answer -

Turguul is correct: unless a card specifically states that it can affect dead characters, in can only affect living characters.

As for Second Chance, it can only be used as a response to cancel a Death when that Death is played. Using it to remove an existing Death is an action you take on your turn.