[Gloom] Expansion Family Names and Backgrounds

Hello all,
I recently began playing this great game and decided to get the expansions. I came to find out that the two expansions my LGS had did not have any detail on the new families they included. I was able to get the Unwelcome Guests and Unfortunate Expeditions expansions. I now have two new families with no backgound info nor even a name for the clan. This starting point is very helpful for new players and hesitant players as it helps to overcome the "But, I am not a good story teller, I have no idea where to start." If anyone knows where the info about the expansion families can be found I would be very appreciative.

This is the best I could find on the other families. The one I would like to see an expanded background for is the Malone mob.

Hi there, and welcome! Each expansion has a "Meet the Family" type of preview on its product page, in the right column. Here are the direct links:


Hope this helps!